Shartlesville Community Fire Company
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Fire Chief Gene A. Spotts Chief 41
1st Assistant Fire Chief Steve Kauffman Asst. 41-1
2nd Assistant Fire Chief Eric M. Schrack Asst. 41-2
3rd Assistant Fire Chief Lewis G. Wagner Asst. 41-3
Captain Shane Werley Capt. 41
Lieutenant Kerry Wenrich, Jr. Lieut. 41-1
Lieutenant Jeffrey S. Schrack Lieut. 41-2
Chief Engineer Dennis Essig


Captain Jodi M. Dunn FP Captain 41
Lieutenant Kevin Coller FP Lieut. 41


Edwin M. Seyfert (1924-1940) William J. Stetzler  (1967-1968)
Harrison H. Feick (1940-1945) Edwin C. Reber (1968-1980)
Daniel H. Reinsel (1945-1947) Robert E. Spatz, Sr. (1980-1983)
Harrison H. Feick (1947-1954) Howard A. Taylor, Jr. (1983-1985)
Raymond S. Stine (1954-1956) Larry E. Metz (1985-1986)
William J. Stetzler (1956-1966) Gene A. Spotts (1986-1995)
Leroy S. Klee (1966-1967) Lewis G. Wagner (1995-1999)
Gene A. Spotts (1999-present)