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In 2009, Albany Township purchased approximately 60 acres of farmland in Kempton adjacent to Historic Trexler Village, WK&S Railroad, and Kempton Community Center, with the intent of providing a public park and recreation area for Albany Township residents.

Information on the purchase of this land can be found in 2012 Letter to Residents.

Current permitted uses of this land by the public are defined in Resolution 2012-3.

In 2016 the township was awarded a small grant by DCNR to begin developing this land into a more usable park for residents. This grant is relatively small (approx $90k provided by DCNR with $20k match by the township) and encompasses two phases: 1) In 2017 develop a master plan for the entire site, and 2) In 2018 construct improvements on a portion of the land.

On June 26, 2017 a public meeting was held to review the proposed master plan. This master plan will serve as a roadmap for future development and does NOT represent exactly what will be built. For 2018 the DCNR grant construction will focus only on the northern portion of the field along Creek Road, the exact scope of which is still to be determined based on permit fees and construction costs. Future development of the park land will require revisiting and revising this master plan as appropriate at that time.
  Public Meeting Flyer
  Park Master Plan

UPDATE November 2018: Progress on the grant project has slowed due to permitting requirements. The township is still awaiting final permit approvals, and once they are received construction bidding will commence. Construction of the parking area and walking path are now targeted for summer 2019.