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The Public Works Department of the Borough handles the daily operations of the water and sewer system, along with street, park and Community Pool maintenance.

WATER: The Borough has provided public water to it's residents since 1929. An area north of the Borough was developed into a 'water shed' region since a number of springs surfaced in that area. A large reservoir was installed below the 'water shed' area to store water for distribution. This storage facility was a poured concrete structure below ground with a capacity of 270,000 gallons. The reservoir has sinces been replaced with a glass lined storage tank.

The initial distribution system consisted of a single 8" pipe from the reservoir south on Church Street to Main Street. From there it was distributed to residents along the route. While early records are not as readily available as they are today, the system continued to expand through the years.

Not too long after the system was first built, the need for more water than the springs could deliver on a regular basis forced the town fathers to drill a well to supplement the spring's supply of water. The system operated for many years utilizing the springs during the wet season, and the well whenever the springs did not generate a sufficient supply of water.

Today, Bally's water is supplied by underground wells, which is treated with a small amount of chlorine and pumped to the storage tower, or directly into the system if demand requires. November 1, 2020, the Borough acquired Washington Townhsip's water system and combined to form the Bally Borough Municipal Authority. The water system is owned by the Bally Borough Municipal Authority, which is managed by Bally Borough.

SEWER: Prior to 1969, sewage waste within the Borough was handled by on-site septic systems. In 1969, thanks to Federal financial aide and low interest loans, the Borough installed a sewer collection system, and a sewer treatment facility. The original Treatment Plant had a capacity of 200,000 gallons per day, and treated all properties within the Borough. In the seventies the Plant was modified to add filtration to the treatment process due to an increase in quality standards of the stream that we discharged into. This modification did not increase our treatment capacity.

In 1996, the need for additional capacity required the Borough to increase our treatment capacity from the original 200,000 gallons per day to the current 500,000 gallons per day. The cost of this renovation amounted to just over 2.4 million dollars. The neighboring township assumed a one-third interest in the debt in return for 100,000 gallons per day capacity in our plant. The design of the up-graded Plant will allow for increased capacity as future needs occur without spending additional dollars for the increase. Our Plant should serve our needs for many years to come.

Our water and sewer systems are operated by our staff. Many tests are performed in our 'in house' lab. In addition to these tests, many tests are also run for us at a certified outside laboratory as required by DEP.

For a number of years now we have been conducting tours of our Sewer Treatment Plant for science students from the Boyertown Area Senior High School.

For additional regulations and rate information on either water or sewer please call the Borough Hall at 610-845-2351. 


  • March 1 / October 31 - January 31
  • June 1 / January 31 - April 30
  • September 1 / April 30 - July 31
  • December 1 / July 31 - October 31​


Sewer Rates are set by Borough Council by Resolution. Below is the most recent Borough Council resolution 2020-10 ​​for sewer rates.  


The current water rates are from resolution 2020-10​ . Click on the link below to view Bally Municipal Authority water rates.