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There are a few different types of permits required in the Township. Besides building a new house, permits are required for projects such as: swimming pools (in-ground or aboveground), accessory storage buildings, additions, garages, carports, signs, porches, decks, etc. These projects require a permit before the work begins. Certain constraints and property setbacks apply to these permits. There are other types of permits such as the Well Permit, Driveway Permit, and Occupancy/Use Permit to name a few. An Occupancy/Use Permit is required to move into or occupy any structure within the Township. Construction of and/or resurfacing of a driveway requires a Driveway Permit These permits are issued by the Zoning Officer. A PennDOT permit is also required for a driveway entrance to a state road.

To obtain a building permit for a new home:

  1. Contact the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer for assistance with soil testing and issuance of a Sewage Permit.
  2. Obtain approval from the Berks County Conservation District for sediment and erosion control measures for earthmoving on the lot. Applications are available from the Conservation District or Township Office.
  3. Obtain a Driveway Permit from PennDOT if the driveway has access to a state highway.
  4. Contact the Zoning Officer with application information for the required permits. You must also present evidence that you have obtained a Sewage Permit, approval of your sediment and erosion control plan, and a PennDOT Driveway Permit if applicable.
  5. A Use and Occupancy Permit is required before you can use the structure defined on the permit. This permit can be obtained from the Zoning Officer.
  • Zoning Officer: James H. Franey, Contractors Inspection Services - (610) 775-2269