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Township of  Brecknock Code of Ordinances


This comprises the codification of the ordinances of the Township of Brecknock. The Township was originally settled in 1729 and was incorporated as a Township from parts of Lancaster County.

The Code of Ordinances of the Township was prepared by Penns Valley Publishers, a division of Fry Communications, Inc., and adopted by the Brecknock Township Board of Supervisors on August 3, 2004 by Ordinance Number 141.


The Code contains four parts which are

(1) the valid current ordinances of the Township contained in Chapters 1 through 27

(2) the Appendix, which lists by abstracted title all ordinances of a temporary or "one time" nature

(3) the Key to the disposition of each ordinance ever enacted by the Township

(4) the Index, which is an alphabetical arrangement of subjects.


In the Code each Chapter is separated by a divider tab, and specific ordinances can be located by subject on the contents page at the beginning of each Chapter. The Index may also be used to search for a subject when one is looking for general information on a particular subject, or if it is not known in which Chapter the subject might be found. The Appendix consists of several general categories containing a chronological listing of short subject descriptions along with a reference to the original ordinance and its date of enactment, if known.


The Key to disposition indicates what action has been taken by the Township Board of Supervisors with regard to every ordinance ever enacted. An ordinance has either been

(1) specifically repealed

(2) superseded by another ordinance

(3) is located in a Chapter of the Code book

(4) is located in the Appendix. Annual tax rate and budget ordinances are located only in the Key.


The Key is a cross reference to the original ordinance books of the Township, and to the location within the Code of each ordinance by number.

Each chapter is listed below and is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format. Please read this disclaimer with reference to these online documents.

 Code of Ordinances

Chapter 01.pdfChapter 01Administration and Government
Chapter 02.pdfChapter 02Animals
Chapter 03.pdfChapter 03Bicycles [Reserved]
Chapter 04.pdfChapter 04Buildings
Chapter 05.pdfChapter 05Code Enforcement
Chapter 06.pdfChapter 06Conduct
Chapter 07.pdfChapter 07Fire Prevention and Fire Protection
Chapter 08.pdfChapter 08Floodplains
Chapter 09.pdfChapter 09Grading and Excavating [Reserved]
Chapter 10.pdfChapter 10Health and Safety
Chapter 11.pdfChapter 11Housing [Reserved]
Chapter 12.pdfChapter 12Libraries [Reserved]
Chapter 13.pdfChapter 13Licenses, Permits and General Business Regulations
Chapter 14.pdfChapter 14Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks [Reserved]
Chapter 15.pdfChapter 15Motor Vehicles and Traffic
Chapter 16.pdfChapter 16Parks and Recreation
Chapter 17.pdfChapter 17Planned Residential Development [Reserved]
Chapter 18.pdfChapter 18Sewers and Sewage Disposal
Chapter 19.pdfChapter 19Signs [Reserved]
Chapter 20.pdfChapter 20Solid Waste
Chapter 21.pdfChapter 21Streets and Sidewalks
Chapter 22.pdfChapter 22Subdivision and Land Development; Forms and Appendices
Chapter 23.pdfChapter 23Swimming Pools [Reserved]
Chapter 24.pdfChapter 24Taxation; Special
Chapter 25.pdfChapter 25Trees [Reserved]
Chapter 26.pdfChapter 26Water
Chapter 27.pdfChapter 27Zoning & Map
Chapter KO.pdfChapter KOKey to Disposition of All Ordinances
Resolution Dispositions.pdfResolution DispositionsKey to Disposition of Significant Resolutions
In March, 2006, the Brecknock Township Zoning Ordinance and Map were updated, therefore, the Zoning Ordinance Chapter of the Code is not up to date. Please contact the Township office for the current Zoning Ordinance and Map, or go to the "Planning and Zoning" section of the web site to view the March, 2006  Zoning Ordinance.

   New Ordinances

 Ordinance 151 Dog Ordinance 10/03/2006
 Ordinance 152 Burning Ordinance 10/03/2006
 Ordinance 153 Weed Ordinance 10/03/2007