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Welcome to Brecknock Township

Township Board of Supervisors 

Chairman, Jeffrey M. Fiant 
Vice Chairman, Richard K. Burkhart
Supervisor, F. Mark Weber

Township Building

Brecknock Township is a Township of the second class governed by a Board of Supervisors who are elected at large by the qualified voters of the Township for terms of six years each. Their responsibilities include setting of policy, approval of expenditures, budgets, subdivisions and zoning changes, care of roads and bridges, hiring of personnel, and appointing members to various boards and commissions.
Planning Comission Meeting
Board of Supervisors Meeting
Planning Comission Meeting
Township Today Newsletter 1st Ouarter 2017
Take a few minutes and read our Township Today Newsletter for a few Spring Tips.

NOTICE:  An “Early History and Biographical Annals of Brecknock Township” compiled by Evans Goodling is available for purchase at the Township office at a total cost of $79.50.  Checks should be made payable to “Berks History Center”.

Brecknock Township Fire Company Reflective Address Markers
Click on the below link to download an order form for Reflective Address Markers from the Brecknock Township Fire Company.
Mailbox Bases
If you are considering making changes to your mailbox base construction, please contact the Twp. zoning officer to make sure that what you want to do is acceptable.
Occupancy Permits
“Occupancy Permits are required for new structures and resale of existing properties and will require that a reflective address marker be placed at the end of the driveway or entrance to the property if one does not already exist.  The purpose is to assist emergency responders when called to an address in Brecknock Township.”
In addition the following is now required:   a smoke detector on each floor level and in the bedroom area(s); a smoke detector in each room utilized or that could be utilized for sleeping purposes; a carbon monoxide detector in the hallway adjacent to the bedrooms if there is an attached garage and/or if the residence has a fuel fired appliance.
Click on above title to download a copy of the ordinance.