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         TAX INFORMATION 2014

New Douglass Township Fire Tax Implemented 2014

Fire services are vital to every resident of our Township, and while they rely heavily on volunteer support, they are not free.

Douglass Township is fortunate to be served by several fire companies.  Amity Fire and Rescue, and West End Fire Companies  serve the southern portion of the Township and the northern portion is served by Boyertown Friendship Hook and Ladder and Keystone Fire Companies.

The merging of fire companies has become a prominent trend across the country. By pooling resources, including people and equipment, better services can be provided to the residents.

Boyertown stations Friendship Hook & Ladder, and Keystone, along with Liberty from Bechtelsville are in the process of such a merger. 

They are planning to complete the transition in July of this year. This has been the result of a lengthy collective effort of all those involved to create a single new company that will be called the Boyertown Area Fire and Rescue Inc. (BAF&R).  This merger is expected to create a stronger, more efficient and more solvent organization

The Township budget has included donations to each of the four companies serving the Township.  The $7,000 per year that Douglass Township contributes to each company is no longer enough to cover our fair share.  In view of this, the Supervisors have decided to implement a Fire Tax.  The new tax has been set at 0.3 mils, which means that for each $100,000 of assessed value of your property, you will be taxed $30 per year.  It was a difficult decision for the supervisors to impose this new tax.

This new tax will generate $56,000 per year which will be divided between BAF&R, Amity and West End in proportion to the area they serve in Douglass Township. 

This tax will be reflected on your tax bill that is mailed March 1st.  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact the Township office.


  • The current tax rate for Douglass Township including the fire tax is .23 mills. 2014 reflects the first increase since 2000.
  • The current tax rate for the Berks County is .0073720 mills.
  • Township and County Real Estate Taxes are billed and mailed on March 1st of each year.  
  • If taxes are paid prior to May 1st, the discount rate applies (2%)
  • If taxes are paid between May 1st and June 30th, the flat rate applies.
  • Taxes paid after June 30th includes a ten percent (10%) penalty.


  • The current school tax rate is .0225200 mills.
  • School District Taxes are billed and mailed on July 1st of each year.
  • If taxes are paid prior to September 1st, the discount rate applies (2%).
  • If taxes are paid between September 1st and October 31st, the flat rate applies.
  • Taxes paid after October 31st includes a ten percent (10%) penalty.

Real Estate Taxes not paid by January 1st of the following year are turned over to the Berks County Tax Claim Bureau for collection.  Additional costs are applied at that time.

PER CAPITA TAXES: $15.00. The Township collects a $5.00 per year tax, and the School District collects a $ 10.00 per year tax on all residents 19 years of age and older. This tax is billed and mailed on July 1st, along with the School Taxes.   Both the School and Township Per Capita Tax are on one bill.  The same discount, flat and penalty periods as listed above apply.

EARNED INCOME TAX:  If you live in Douglass Township and are employed either in the Township or outside the Township, you will pay a one percent (1%) Earned Income Tax on your wages.  This tax is collected and maintained by the Earned Income Tax Office in Boyertown and is divided between the School District and the Township equally. This tax is not administered in any way by the elected Tax Collector.

LOCAL SERVICES TAX: This tax is $52. per year and is paid by anyone who works in Douglass Township.  The Boyertown School District is paid $5 per year, and the balance of $47 is paid to the Township.  This tax is withheld from individual pay checks at the rate of $1 per week.


Current Tax Rates:

Breakdown of Taxes on a house assessed at $100,000.00

Douglass Township .0023 mils

Tax  $230.00

Berks County .0073720 mils

Tax $737.20

School District .0225200 mils

Tax $2,252.00

Total Tax Millage .032192 mils

Total Taxes $3,219.20

Multiply your total assessed value by .032192  This gives you the total annual tax for all three government units.

Note:  While the County and the Township set their tax rates prior to January 1st of each year, the School District does not set its tax rate until June of the tax year.  The above rates are based on the latest available information at this time.

This is for your information only,  and is not to be used to pay any taxes due.