Greenwich Township
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Subdivision Ordinance
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The Township Subdivision Ordinance of 1996 establishes rules, regulations, and standard governing the subdivision of land/or land development within the Township, pursuant to the authority set forth in Article V of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.  These regulations are adopted to protect and create conditions favorable to the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the citizens by:
*Assuring sites suitable for building purposes and human habitation.
*Providing for the harmonious, orderly, and efficient development of the Municipality.
*Providing for the coordination of existing street and highway with proposed streets, parks, and other public facilities.
*To provide for adequate open space for traffic, recreation, light, and air.
*Assuring equitable and just processing of subdivision plan by providing uniform procedures and standards for the observance of both the subdivider and Municipal Officer.
*Providing for design standards and appropriate improvements and assuring prompt installation of said improvements.