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Tax Information


$1.00 Bill$1.00 Bill$1.00 Bill$1.00 Bill


No one likes to pay taxes, and there is a little misunderstanding about tax rates.  You get a combined County and  Township tax bill on or about March 1 of each year.  The tax bill you receive on or about July 1 is from the Kutztown Area School District.  The tax rate for County and School District taxes is established by the governing bodies of those two entities.  The Board of Supervisors establishes the tax rate only for Greenwich Township.  The tax rates for 2014 are as follows:
                  Greenwich Township                       1.0 mills
                       (.4 mill of this is the Fire Tax)
                       (.6 mills for township)
                  County of Berks                                 7.3720 mills
                  Kutztown Area School District       29.2465 mills
                  Other Taxes:
                        Earned Income
                           School                 .5%
                           Township           .5%
                        Local Services Tax (OPT)
                           School                 $ 5.00
                           Township           $ 5.00
                        Real Estate Transfer Tax
                            School               .5%
                           Township           .5%
                        Per Capita Tax
                            School               $10.00
                           Township           $ 5.00  
                        Amusement Tax
                           School                 5%
                           Township           5%              
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