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Collection Schedule
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All residents should have received a 2014 Schedule at their homes - additional copies are available at the Borough office.  Trash, recycling and yard waste pickup days will remain the same as in 2013 - see details below:


TRASH COLLECTION - Trash will be collected every week on MONDAY unless Monday is a holiday then trash will be collected the following day on Tuesday.  The amount of items (bags or cans) has been reduced to FIVE (5).


RECYCLING COLLECTION - Recycling collection remains every other Tuesday; the entire borough is collected on the same day.  If a recycling Tuesday falls on a holiday, recycling will be picked up that week on Wednesday.


YARD WASTE COLLECTION CONTINUES - Between March 18th and December 9th, yard waste will be collected every week on a Tuesday.  Eagle Disposal prefers that residents put their yard waste in biodegradable bags but they will empty open trash containers with loose yard waste materials.  There is no limit to the amount of yard waste that can be put out.  Biodegradable bags can be purchased at any hardware/home supplies store such as Sears Hardware, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.  It is also permissable to put small branches/shrub cuttings, etc. out for pickup if they are bound, no longer than 4 ft in length and no heavier than 40 lbs.    


BULK ITEMS COLLECTION - Small items are allowed to be discarded with the weekly trash collection (i.e., items such as bicycles, side chairs, end tables, etc.; small enough for one man to lift onto the truck).  If you put out a small item then the number of bags/cans you are allowed will decrease (example - if you put out a wooden chair then only five (5) bags/cans are allowed that week).


If you have a large item that weighs 50 lbs or more and takes two (2) men to put on the truck (such as a box spring, mattress, dresser, recliner, sofa, etc.), bulk item trash tags are available at the Borough Office for ten dollars ($10.00).  Each large item must have its own bulk item tag.  


Trash must be placed in bags or containers or tied in a bundle.  No loose trash will be picked up.  If you have bundled items each bundle counts as one (1) item towards the allotted five (5) items.


Remember that if a major holiday falls on a Monday, trash pickup will be collected the following day (Tuesday) and recycling (if recycling collection is scheduled that holiday week), will move to Wednesday.  Yard waste collection will also move to Wednesday if a holiday falls on a Monday.  Trash, recycling and yard waste should be placed curbside not earlier than 5:00 p.m. the night before or on the morning of collection day by not later than 6:30 a.m.


In the event you have many items to put out because of moving or cleaning out a residence, please call Eagle Disposal directly at 1-717-355-9560 to make private collection arrangements. 



Jeri L. Diesinger, P.G., Manager