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Snow Removal
Berks County > Municipalities > Borough of Kenhorst


Snow Removal Plan - Resolution #604 - approved March 1, 2012


  1. When FORCAST is for 3 or more inches of snow, Snow Emergency will be in effect as well as the odd/even parking plan.  This will allow all residents sufficient time prior to a significant snowfall to move vehicles from the Snow Emergency Routes (New Holland Road and S. Kenhorst Boulevard and Upland, High Boulevard and Columbia Avenue) and for vehicles parked on all other non-emergency routes to move to the odd side of the street or into their driveways. 


  1. Once the Snow Stops - After snow stops and crews have cleared to the curb on the opposite (even side) of the street, all vehicles must move to the now cleared side (even side) so that crews can clear the odd side of the street to the curb. 


  1. Violations to the Above Procedure - On Snow Emergency Routes Only – Vehicles still parked on a Snow Emergency Route will be ticketed. The license number and location of repeat offender vehicles will be kept in a database for future citations and/or towing. 


BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, that vehicles removed from Snow Emergency Routes onto non-

snow emergency streets must adhere to the even/odd policy in effect at the time.


BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, that the Public Works Crew will plow all Boulevards without an island

in two (2) passes for each driving lane prior to clearing to the curb.


DULY ENACTED as a Resolution of the Borough Council of the Borough of Kenhorst,

Berks County, Pennsylvania in a lawful session duly assembled on the 1st day of March 2012.