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Berks County > Municipalities > Borough of Kenhorst

Borough Taxes

2015 Borough Real Estate Tax - The total Kenhorst Borough real estate tax rate is 5.6 Mills.  This includes the general borough portion of 4.314 mills plus the Emergency Services portion of 1.286 mills.  The Emergency Services encompasses Fire, Police and Ambulance Services.  The Borough Real Estate Tax is issued each year on March 1st along with the County Real Estate Tax Bill.  

2015 Borough Per Capita Tax - There is a $5.00/year tax assessed for every person 18 years of age and older who resides within the Kenhorst Borough.  The Borough Per Capita tax is issued each year on March 1st along with the Berks County Per Capita Tax bill.  

2015 Local Services Tax (LST) - the LST tax is $52.00/year.  This tax is paid by those individuals who work within the Borough of Kenhorst.  Kenhorst employers are responsible for remitting the employee payroll deductions for this tax to the Berks Eaned Income Tax office (BEIT).        

Berks County Taxes

2015 Berks County Real Estate Tax - The 2015 Berks County real estate tax rate was 6.9350 Mills.

2015 Berks County Per Capita Tax - $10.00 for every person over 18 years of age who resides in Berks County.    

School District Taxes

2015 Governor Mifflin School Real Estate Tax - The 2015 Governor Mifflin School District Real Estate  Tax rate was 24.5 Mills.  

2015 Gov. Mifflin School District Per Capita Tax - $15.00 for every person over 18 years of age who resides within the school district.