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Garbage and trash will be picked up on Fridays in 2021.

Each property is allowed a total of three (3) containers of trash and garbage each week as well as one bulk item.

Trash must be placed in cans or plastic trash bags. Cardboard boxes and paper bags will not be picked up.

Shrubbery and tree trimmings should be tied into bundles not to exceed three (3) feet and will count as a container.  All containers must be placed at the curb before 5:00 a.m. on pick-up days.

Recyclables will be picked up on Fridays in 2021.

They are as follows:

Glass, this includes clear, green and brown glass,

Cans, this includes aluminum, tin and bi-metal cans (vegetable cans, etc) No foil trays, scrap aluminum or aluminum foil

Plastics,   this includes #1 and #2. (#1 and #2 plastics are maked on the bottom of the containers in a triangle made of arrows or marked with the initials of PETE and HDPE)

Newspapers, this includes color, glossy print, junk mail, magazines, phone books, office/copy paper and cereal/cracker boxes.

Newspapers will NOT be picked up loose; they must be tied or put in paper bags and placed with the recyclable container. Bottles, jars and cans should be rinsed out and cans flattened before putting in recyclable container. All containers must be placed at the curb before 5:00 a.m. on pick-up days.

Property owner is responsible for cleaning up any debris that spilled from the container due to wind or kicked over by an animal, etc.
All residents of Laureldale Borough will be able to place one (1) bulk item out with your regular trash each week.  There will no longer be a Fall cleanup.
Loose items such as lumber and tree trimmings must be bundled maximum size 48"x18"x18".
No televisions,stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, microwave ovens, water heaters, air conditioners, tiress and humidifiers.
No hazardous materials such as auto batteries, paint solvents, used oil, etc. or any type of chemical material.
No concrete, block, bricks, etc.
Do not place items at curbside until 24 hours before pick-up-date.  If trash or recycling pickup falls on a holiday, the pickup day will be moved to the next day.