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Trash Collection:

Longswamp Township does not provide rubbish/garbage collection.  Property owners are responsible to contact a private collection contractor.  Please refer to the telephone directory for these providers.


Longswamp Township does not provide curbside recycling pick-up or drop-off.

The County does provide roll-off recycling containers in certain areas of the County.  Call Berks County Recycling Office for additional inquires, 610 478-6362 or click on the Recycling Center web site below.

Please refer to the following links for additional Trash/Recycling Information:

        1316 Hilltop Rd., Leesport, PASOLUTIONS TO SAVING OUR PLANET AND FUTURE:

In today's tough economic climate, U.S. cities and states are struggling to pay for vital services while also trying to create jobs and curb their Climate Footprints. But, is it possible for states to generate environmental sustainability and economic stability in a fair and equitable way for their citizens? Good News. Yes!

Recycling saves impressive amounts of energy which, in turn, reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling Reduces Greenhouse Gas Energy Equivalent of 
 1 Car 8,811 lbs. 502 Gallons of Gasoline
1 Refrigerator 566 lbs. 36 Gallons of Gasoline
1 Computer & CRT Monitor 404 lbs. 27 Gallons of Gasoline
1 Washing Machine 397 lbs. 24 Gallons of Gasoline
4 Tires 323 lbs. 18 Gallons of Gasoline
1 Television 81 lbs. 8 Gallons of Gasoline
10 lbs. of Aluminum Cans 16 lbs. 7 Gallons of Gasoline
10 lbs. of Corrugated Boxes 40 lbs. 2 Gallons of Gasoline

* Source: U.S. EPA Durable Goods Calculator, WARM Calculator

Recycling ideas: