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Marion Township is contracted with Allied Waste Services of Schuylkill Valley to pick up household trash weekly and recyclables biweekly. Monthly trash pickup costs $18.93 per month and is billed quarterly ($56.79) to the property owner by Allied Waste Services. Owners of rental properties are billed for each rental property.*** STARTING APRIL 1, 2016 A QUARTERLY COST FOR RECYCLING WILL BE ADDED  TO THE BILLING!***

Allied Waste will pick up two 35 gallon containers or four plastic bags of municipal solid waste.

The maximum weight of a filled container shall not exceed 60 pounds. Containers shall be provided by the residents. There is no limit to the amount of recycled materials put out for pick up. All recycling must be in containers marked " Recycling".

Collection will be made between the hours of 5 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. Property owners are responsible for the trash costs for residences they rent to others.

Trash containers or garbage bags should be placed in front of residences the night before collection. If you have additional bags of municipal solid waste, call Allied Waste so that they can let the driver know to pick up the extra bags. The property owner will be billed for the additional waste.

Failure to pay can result in your account being sent to a collection agency and fines up to $1,000 per violation, and may result in imprisonment to the extent allowed by law for the punishment of summary offenses. In addition, a civil action may be filed or a municipal lien may be placed upon any property that fails to pay the required charge.

Trash collection impacts every resident of Marion Township. All property owners are charged quarterly for trash collection unless they meet the following exceptions.


If you have an operating farm or commercial business and have a dumpster, and your residence is at the same address as your farm or business, you may opt out of municipal trash pickup. You will need to prove that you have a dumpster (*see dumpster exemption form* - page 3) and the dumpster is legally maintained (is emptied periodically by a licensed hauler or when filled to capacity). Please note the Township is not requiring a farm or business to have a dumpster. The dumpster must be situated on the farm or commercial property and not on a street, sidewalk, alley or right of way.


You own a residential rental property of five (5) or more units and you have a dumpster and that dumpster is legally maintained (is emptied periodically by a licensed hauler or when filled to capacity). The dumpster must be situated on the rental property and not on a street, sidewalk, alley or right of way.

A Dumption Exemption Form is available on this Website.

What items can be included in waste collected by Allied Waste?


Garbage, rubbish, ashes and construction materials under 50 lbs.

In addition, each household can place one bulk item out for collection each week. Bulk items include furniture and appliances except those containing Freon. The bulk item cannot weigh more than one man can lift into a truck.

What items will not be collected by Allied Waste?


Allied Waste will not pick up grass clippings, tree trimmings, hedge trimmings, Christmas trees, brush and similar items. They will also not pick up Freon containing items such as refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, tires, paint and lacquers, stains, pesticides, hazardous type waste, construction materials over 50 lbs, brick, block, concrete, and car parts.

What recyclables are collected by Allied Waste?


Recyclables include aluminum cans; bimetallic cans; clear, green or brown glass bottles; newsprint; plastic beverage and detergent containers; and steel cans. Recyclables must be in containers or sturdy plastic bags and must be marked "Recyclables". All newsprint must be tied securely in bundles or contained in paper bags.

What if Allied Waste does not pick up my trash?


Please contact Allied Waste within 24 hours of the missed pickup and they will pick up the missed trash within 24 hours. If the problem persists, please call the Township at 610-589-2860.

Senior Citizens


Allied Waste is offering a bag rate for senior citizens who are 65 years and over and who are an owner of the residence. The senior citizen bag rate will include recycling pick up, but will not include bulk item pick up. The senior citizen rate is $9.05 per quarter plus $2.25 for each bag of trash picked up. Seniors must purchase special bags from Allied Waste in rolls of ten (10) bags.  A roll of 10 bags is $22.50 plus $8.00 for shipping and handling.  If bags are picked up at Allied Waste, the rate is $22.50. Senior citizens have the option of the regular rate or the bag rate. If you are a senior citizen who is 65 years or older and are interested in the bag rate, call Allied Waste to request the bag rate. They will mail you the bags. Their telephone number is 610-869-2222.

How do I get rid of tires and Freon containing appliances such as refrigerators?


Tires are an environmental problem when allowed to collect in piles or along the roadside. Tires collect water and are a breeding ground for mosquitoes. They are also a fire hazard when allowed to collect in piles. The burning of tires is prohibited in Pennsylvania (in the open and also in outside furnaces). Tires are recyclable and tire dealers usually will accept old tires for a small fee to cover hauling to a recycling location.

Old refrigerators must have the Freon taken out of them by a person who is licensed to remove Freon before they are discarded. Allied Waste Services will do it for an additional fee. Please call their office for further details. There are also companies listed in the Yellow Pages under garbage collection who will remove Freon containing appliances.

What do I do with grass clippings, tree trimmings and garden waste?

Grass Clippings, leaves, shrub trimmings and tree trimmings may be taken to Zwicky & Son, 10 Zwicky Lane, Robesonia. Their phone number is 610-693-5606.  Marion Township is not affiliated with this company and accepts no liability for this company, but provides this information as a service to our residents.

 ** What can and can NOT be recycled in Marion Township flyer is in the Community Events **