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This employee will work under the supervision of the Traffic Enforcement office of the Police Department. This employee will provide child pedestrian safety by facilitating safe passage of school children across high traffic streets and intersections, while remaining alert to traffic hazards. This position is an alternate part-time position, which means that this employee will be called into work as an alternate when one of our part-time crossing guards is unavailable.  This position requires serious commitment to be at the crossing guard post on each school day and before and after school hours as required. This position works approximately 3 hours per day. Hourly rate is $12.37/hr. Equipment and Training provided.  Crossing Guards follow the school calendar and only work when school is in session.




  • Ability to communicate effectively in English, verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to stand for up to an hour and a half per shift on an assigned crossing.
  • Ability to remain aware of and alert to a variety of environmental factors such as moving vehicles and weather.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment and make rapid decisions relating to speed and distance of multiple vehicles, traffic signal cycles, and pedestrian traffic.
  • Skill in interacting with the public, especially children.




  • Must be available to report into work when an alternate is needed
  • Must be able to work specific hours in the morning and afternoon
  • Must be able to move and react at a moderate/fast pace in case of emergencies.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age at time of application
  • Must obtain a Child Abuse clearance report before you are hired.


To apply or if you have any questions please contact Debra Mazzone at 610-685-0636 or by email at​