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The township we know today as Muhlenberg was originally part of Alsace Township. Residents in the western part of Alsace were upset by the high taxes and the costs of maintaining roads in the eastern part of that township. In 1851, Muhlenberg Township was formed and named after Henry Augustus Muhlenberg, a member of one of the more prominent and influential families of Berks County.

What once started out as a rural farming community has grown into a thriving residential and commercial township consisting of approx. 20,000 people. The area known as Muhlenberg Township is a multi-faceted township that includes manufacturing, retail and commercial businesses, large residential communities, as well as expansive and modern Parks & Recreation facilities.

A board of five elected commissioners oversee the various departments and are responsible for local ordinances and policies that affect and govern the township.


 Muhlenberg Township - Google Map