5th Street/Allentown Pike Corridor Revitalization
Muhlenberg Township 5th Street Highway/Allentown Pike Corridor Revitalization Project
Final Plan Available

The Fifth Street Highway / Allentown Pike Corridor Revitalization Plan provides a detailed blueprint that enables Muhlenberg Township to create an inviting and vibrant corridor that encourages people to live, work, play and visit. The specific infrastructure improvements, land use recommendations and market uses are provided within the pages of the Plan. Action steps and funding strategies are outlined so that the Township may take incremental steps to strategically change the dynamics of the corridor, which will ultimately strengthen and improve its retail environment and appearance.
Links to the final plan are provided below.  Because of its file size, you are invited to download the full plan and low-resolution files here:
Or, feel free to peruse the Table of Contents and Individual Chapters:
The Muhlenberg Township 5th Street Highway/Allentown Pike Corridor Revitalization Project includes a 3.9 mile stretch of US Business Route 222 between Highway 222 and the city of Reading boundary. The project’s purpose is to develop a vibrant and realistic 15-20 year plan that provides vehicle access while creating a strong sense of place. By building on the unique strengths and opportunities within the Muhlenberg area, the plan demonstrates a sustainable strategy for revitalizing the corridor.
For the purpose of the study, an initial assessment of the 3.9 mile corridor identified eleven Corridor Character Zones:
1. North Muhlenberg Gateway
2. Cherokee Ranch Neighborhood Fringe
3. NGK Metals Site – Laureldale Cemetery
4. PennDOT and Rail Corridor
5. Target Commercial Zone
6. Schools & Quarry Zone
7. Bellevue Gateway
8. The Fairgrounds Square Mall and Shopping Centers
9. Route 12 Gateway and Big box Retail
10. Hyde Park Neighborhood Fringe
11. South Muhlenberg Gateway
Each zone is distinct from the other, providing a variety of major functions including gateways to and from Muhlenberg, fringe neighborhoods, retail and industrial centers, the former Berks Products Quarry and schools.  Click here for a detailed map of the Corridor Character Zones
Existing Conditions
For information on the corridor’s existing conditions, please click the links below:
Public Meeting
A public meeting for the project was held on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at the Muhlenberg Township Recreation Building. Click the following link to view the Public Input Summary.
Steering Committee
The Steering Committee will provide overall guidance and direction for the revitalization planning process, assisting the project consultant team with monitoring the project’s progress, ensuring critical milestones are achieved, reviewing draft written materials, identifying critical participants in the public involvement process, and identifying critical success factors for the plan’s adoption and implementation. Steering Committee members include: 
Michael Golembiewski
Berks County Planning Commission
Pamela J. Shupp
Berks Economic Partnership
John Hlis
Bob Hanna
Giorgi Foods
Walter S. LaSota
Muhlenberg Planning Commission
Michael Malinowski
Muhlenberg Township
Steve Landes
Muhlenberg Township
Jamal Abodalo
Muhlenberg Township
Steve Willems
NAI Keystone Commercial & Industrial
Glenn A. Yeager, Esq.
Muhlenberg Township Resident
Utilizing the data collected from the field, existing conditions evaluation and input from the public and Steering Committee, Guiding Principles were developed as tools to develop the vision for the corridor. Please see the Recommended Land Use Map.
Additional documents will be provided as they are available.
Project Team
The project team is lead by Muhlenberg Township with Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. (HRG) as the lead project consultant. Supporting HRG’s transportation planning and engineering expertise are three sub consultants with specialties in economic development and land planning, urban design and public outreach.