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Hyde Park Playground
Berks County > Municipalities > Muhlenberg Township

Park Amenities


Playground Building                                        Electrical Outlets

- Pavilion (25’ x 15’)                                                           - 12 Outlets

- 4 Picnic Tables                                                                       Ballfield

- Indoor room (38’ x 24’)                                         Playground

- Restrooms                                                                   Basketball Court

- Sink/Water                                                                  Skate Park 


Building Reservation Fees

Rental Rates






Mon - Thurs

Fri - Sun Holidays

Mon - Thurs

Fri - Sun Holidays

Jim Dietrich Pav. 1





Jim Dietrich Pav. 2





Temple Playground





Laurel Run Park





Cherokee Ranch





Hyde Park





Stoudt's Ferry





Reading Crest





South Temple










Pioneer Grove





Felix Dam






  Hyde Park Hours

Standard parks hours are from 7 AM until Sunset.

Reservation hours are from 7 AM until 10 PM.

Hyde Park Skate Park
This park is for skateboarders and in-line skaters only. It is constructed of metal, modular ramps/structures that are intended to be portable and interchangeable. These next generation ramps are sure to challenge all levels of skaters while providing a safe place to have fun. The park will be open according to standard park hours (typically 8AM – dusk).



A $100 Security Deposit is required of all groups who reserve park facilities.  Security Deposits are deposited and returned upon adherence to all policies and the criteria listed below.  This fee assures that you will abide by the rules set forth on these pages as well as park regulations written on the permit.   MTPR staff will notify you by telephone prior to any assessed penalty.



It is the responsibility of each permit holder (the person whose name appears on the permit as the "Contact Name") to know and understand the rules and regulations for use of the permitted facility.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder to inform and enforce facility use regulations among those attending their event or activity or risk being penalized.


When Muhlenberg Township staff becomes involved in enforcing regulations, penalty fees are assessed against the Security Deposit on file in the MTPR Office.  A list of Standard Penalties follows.  There may be situations that call for an adjustment to the listed fines (more or less severe).  The decision to alter the listed fine rests with the Director of Parks & Recreation after incident reports and shift reports are reviewed.




Penalty (Single Use Permit)

1. Excessive Noise


1st notification to group……Warning

2nd notification to group………..100%


2. Dog in park listed as “No Dogs Allowed”


1st notification….Warning

2nd notification…,.……………50%


3. Alcohol w/o surcharge

1st notification….Warning and removal or sign alcohol approval form. (group will be billed additional $100)

2nd notification….Loss of security deposit-100%


4. Illegal substances or underage drinking

Loss of Security Deposit – 100%


5. Trash/decorations not:

(a) cleaned up or

(b) properly

disposed of in containers provided

50% - 100% security deposit assessed depending on the number of township staff and length of time needed to clean up


6. Illegal parking

if moved on 1st notification…Warning

2nd notification…50% of security deposit

3rd notification….100% of security deposit


7.Vandalism, Theft, Damage

100% plus Group assessed cost of repairs or replacement; must be paid within two weeks of invoice

8. Attendance exceeded permitted facility capacity



30% and higher…………………100%

9.Other infractions

Handled on a case-by-case basis



**If Police intervention needed … no future rentals**




Refunds, which include rental fees and alcohol permits, will be issued according to the following provisions:

-          Cancelled with 28 or more days notice– 100% Refund

-          Cancelled within 21-27 days of reservation – 75% Refund

-          Cancelled within 14-20 days of reservation – 50% Refund

-          Cancelled within 7-13 days of reservation – 25% Refund

-          Cancelled within 0-6 days of reservation – No Refund

The Security Deposit is always refunded for rentals that did not occur.



1.            Permits are required: to reserve a facility in any park; to consume alcoholic beverages; to use locked facilities; whenever twenty (20) or more individuals will be in attendance; to stay after park hours.


2.            All requests for use of park & recreation areas must be submitted on the appropriate application and permit forms provided.  Permits must be signed in the Parks and Recreation Office, 5401 Leesport Avenue, Temple, PA 19560, within 3-5 business days after receipt of application.  No reservation will be held without payment.  A copy of the approved or denied permit will be issued by the Park and Recreation Office.  Reservations will be considered on a first come-first served basis.


3.            Requests for permission to consume beverages must be included on the application form.  There is an additional $ 100 surcharge for alcoholic beverages. BE INFORMED: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF TEWNTY-ONE (21) YEARS PERMITTED TO VIOLATE STATE LAW BY THE POSSESSION AND/OR CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES REGARDLESS OF PERMISSION GRANTED ON THIS APPLICATION.


4.            No permit shall be issued to any individual under the age of 25 years.  The “person responsible” listed on the permit is jointly and severally liable for all costs, expenses, fees and all property damage and/or personal injury occurring or sustained by any individual in attendance.


5.            Rental fees required for use of the facility will be determined according to the current rental policy.  All fees shall be submitted together with the application.  No permit will be approved until such time that these fees are paid or special arrangements for payment have been approved by the Director.


6.            Refunds will only be granted under the following circumstances:

                                A.  Functions that are not approved.

                                B.  Functions that are cancelled at least 4 weeks prior to the scheduled date.


7.            Groups are responsible for all areas and contents during the entire time of their occupancy.  Any damage will be the financial responsibility of the group and/or the “person responsible” to whom the permit is issued.


8.            Fires may not be built or allowed anywhere in Park areas except in stoves or fireplaces designated for that purpose.


9.            Groups using facilities that are normally locked such as buildings, restrooms or electric panel must pick up the necessary keys at the office during normal business hours one or two days before use.  A $20.00 deposit fee is required which will be refunded upon return of all keys.


10.          Groups requesting equipment loan service for their outings must contact the office a minimum of two weeks in advance to reserve the equipment and to make arrangements for pick up.  A deposit and user fee must be submitted according to existing policies.  A limited number of those Kits are available which will be distributed on a first come-first served basis.


11.          Profit making activities are strictly prohibited except those conducted by a resident charitable, civic, or church organization.  These organizations may conduct a maximum of two (2) profit making functions in any calendar year, which must be separated by a minimum of six (6) weeks.


12.          While the Township will insure that no group other than the permittee is approved for use of a facility during any time period, a public notice reserving this area WILL NOT be posted.  Note:  parks remain open to the public at all times.


13.          All organizations using any Park area are required to return it to its proper condition prior to leaving, to include:

                                a. Storage and/or arrangements of tables, chairs, etc.          d.  All doors and windows closed and locked

                                b. Trash in proper containers.                                                       e.  All decorations, signs, etc. removed.

                                c. Lights off (except where designated).

                Groups neglecting to return the Facility into proper condition will be charged according to the security deposit criteria for all extraordinary custodial duties required.


14.          All activity must be concluded at such time as is required for the group to return the facility to its proper condition and be vacated prior to their respective closing times. Regular park closing time is 7:00 AM – Sunset. Parks hours with a reservation are 7:00 AM – 10:00 PM. Rental hours for Jim Dietrich Farmhouse and the Recreation Building are from 7:00 AM – 12:00 AM.


15.          The Township reserved the right to require adequate supervision of all functions involving individuals under twenty-one (21) years of age.  A minimum of one (1) responsible adult, twenty-one (21) year of age or older, must be present for each twenty (20) individuals in attendance under twenty-one (21) years of age at all functions.  Additional supervision may be required as deemed necessary. 


16.          Whenever any conduct or acts of individuals or a group is determined to be in violation of the rules governing use of this facility or in violation of any statues, ordinances, or regulation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or the Township of Muhlenberg, the deviant group’s privilege to use the facility will be terminated immediately and they will be expelled from Township Property.  In addition to expulsion, the Muhlenberg Township Police Department may arrest and detain any individual(s) or issue citation(s).


17.          The person responsible who signed the permit for use of this facility must be present during the entire period of use.


18.          In case of emergencies regarding use of facilities, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 610-929-1503.  If there is no answer, contact the Muhlenberg Township Operations Supervisor at 610-301-7964.



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