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Quality of Life Ordinance

Commissioner Steve Wolfinger has proposed the adoption of a Quality of Life ordinance for Muhlenberg Township. Residents are encouraged to view/download a copy of the ordinance and bring your feedback to the Board of Commissioners at the next scheduled monthly meeting which will be held at 7PM on September 17, 2018. The following is a statement from Commissioner Wolfinger regarding his thoughts and motivation for the proposed Quality of Life ordinance:

For a long time I have heard some concerns about certain Quality of Life Issues. Neighbors not caring about their neighbors. The “Me World“ isn’t a Muhlenberg phenomenon, as we see it everywhere from Road Rage to people who are too complacent to take their trash to a public trash can. Municipalities all over have heard complaints about the deterioration of real estate. Yesterday a Code Official told me about a family that recently bought a home and they didn’t think about getting a lawn mower until a neighbor’s complaints about their 10 plus inches of
grass was submitted to the Township. In order to promote some common expectations and avoid costly and time consuming court hearings some municipalities have enacted a QUALITY OF LIFE ORDINANCE. Essentially this ordinance is a simple, fast and kinder way to enforce existing laws without the need to issue a citation.  Instead of a citation, the Codes employees and in some cases the police can issue a TICKET with a fine to people who violate ordinances that are viewed as QUALITY of LIFE issues (high grass, unkempt properties, fireworks, etc.) In most cases, the resident will be asked to correct the issue before a Township official will issue a ticket. Should the violator fail to pay the ticket the matter will be handled in the original way by issuing a citation. A citation usually means court, court costs, fines, lost time at work and lost productivity for Muhlenberg staff. This is just another tool that the Township can utilize to help us all coexist better as residents and neighbors. If you Google “Quality of Life Ordinance” you will also see, that in some cases, property values have gone up 4 to 14% in value. Below, you will find a link to the proposed ordinance. Nothing is etched in stone and this proposed ordinance needs to be adopted by the Commissioners before it becomes enforceable. It could be modified or even abandoned at any time by the majority vote of the Board. I encourage you to view the ordinance and join us at the next Commissioners meeting to discuss it.
Thank You for your time and interest in the betterment of Muhlenberg Township.
Commissioner Steve Wolfinger   

Parks Maintenance Foreman Employment Opportunity

​The Parks Maintenance Foreman supervises the Parks and Recreation Department’s maintenance program for a 498 acre park system containing a variety of facilities and improvements in neighborhood, community and linear parks.  Preference will be given to candidates who possess a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Parks and Recreation or a closely related field and extensive public parks and recreation management experience with an emphasis on maintenance operations, natural resource conservation and capital construction. Click for more info -->

Schedule Your Inspections Online!!

calendar icon.jpgYou can now schedule your Rental or Fire Inspections online - save time and schedule your appointment on any computer or mobile device. Click to get started!

Smart Meter Installation

​​Next month Met-Ed will begin installing smart meters for all our customers in the portion of our service territory served by the Reading service center. Deployment will begin in March 2018 and will continue through December 2018.  

As you may recall, installation of smart meter technology was included in the PA Act 129 Legislation passed in 2008 and requires electric distribution companies to deploy smart meter technology for all their Pennsylvania customers.​

This step toward a more modernized electric system will enable automated meter readings and enhance our ability to respond to outages faster and more efficiently. Plus, once the meters are fully operational, customers will have access to more detailed energy information to help them better understand their electricity use – which means they can then make informed decisions on how to manage and control their electricity consumption.

Our contractor, Wellington Energy, will soon be installing smart meters on the homes and businesses in your community. To support the installation of this new technology, we will be sending customers information in the mail before meter installation occurs. Our customer contact center at 1-800-545-7741 is available to answer customers' questions about the program and installation schedule. Met-Ed Smart Meter Installer Info.pdfView Met-Ed Smart Meter Installer Info about Employee ID's and Truck identification.

Please note: the installation of a smart meter does not mean that the meter location on the structure changes. In nearly all cases, the meter location will remain the same and it will be no more or less apparent than the existing meter is now.

Information on smart meter technology, security and privacy, safety and FAQ is available on our website at   

Dog Walker Watch

DOG WALKER WATCH.jpgMuhlenberg's Dog Walker Watch featured on WFMZ - 
Do you ever wonder if you can do anything to help prevent crime in your community?  Do you walk your dog in your neighborhood? Don’t have a lot of time to give to a crime watch group but still want to help?

Then Dog Walker Watch could be for you! Dog Walker Watch is a new program coming to Muhlenberg Township, hosted by the Muhlenberg Township Police Department and brought to you by the National Association of Town Watch. -->Read More

Muhlenberg Township Goes Mobile with Official App, GoTo Muhlenberg

Phone Image
The “GoTo Muhlenberg” App. is the official platform though which residents, business owners and visitors can report their concerns. With this tool, users can submit, track and view nearby service requests through their smartphones, online, and via phone. Residents can benefit from the in-app widgets to find information about events, public facilities, trash pickup, and many more activities. The app is free and is available now! Download it today! The official press release
can be viewed here.
You can also submit requests online at GoToMuhlenberg

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Medication Drop Box

Drop off your expired or unused, prescribed and over-the-counter medications in the lobby at the Muhlenberg Township Municipal Building. Community members can utilize this drop box to ensure that medications will not end up in the wrong hands but rather properly disposed of.

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5th Street Highway/Allentown Pike Corridor Revitalization Project

The Fifth Street Highway / Allentown Pike Corridor Revitalization Plan provides a detailed blueprint that enables Muhlenberg Township to create an inviting and vibrant corridor that encourages people to live, work, play and visit. The specific infrastructure improvements, land use recommendations and market uses are provided within the pages of the Plan. Action steps and funding strategies are outlined so that the Township may take incremental steps to strategically change the dynamics of the corridor, which will ultimately strengthen and improve its retail environment and appearance.

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