No Nonsense Neutering
As residents may be aware, the Animal Rescue League (ARL) of Berks County will no longer be providing Animal Control Services to many municipalities throughout Berks County.  Muhlenberg Township residents have several options available should they need animal services and residents are reminded that responsible animal ownership begins with you.



Remember that Pennsylvania Law requires that dogs over 12 weeks of age have and display a Pennsylvania dog license. Visit​ Over 90% of dogs are reunited with their family when properly licensed. In addition to licensing your dog, it is highly recommended that you have your animal microchipped by your veterinarian to increase your chance of recovering your pet. Microchipping your animal will not hurt your pet as the chip comes preloaded in a sterile applicator and is injected under the loose skin between the shoulder blades.  Microchipping your animal provides a permanent ID that cannot fall off and will not wear out or need to be replaced. Muhlenberg Township will be partnering with the Humane Society of Berks County to arrange a microchipping clinic for Muhlenberg Township residents. 

Social media is another important form of locating your animal or providing other owners with information regarding a lost animal. Berks County Dog Search – Berks County Dog Search is a Facebook Page dedicated to reuniting owners with their lost dog. The page is a forum of dog owners and concerned citizens and has reunited hundreds of owners with their pets. Visit

For additional information regarding adoption services, strays, veterinary services and pet surrenders please visit The Humane Society of Berks County, 1801 N. 11th Street, Reading, PA 19604, 610-921-2348. The Humane Society of Berks County operates 7 days a week from 9:00am - 5:00pm and has extended hours until 7:00pm on Monday’s and Friday’s. The Muhlenberg Township Police Department is equipped with a universal microchip reader and will use it to identify the animal’s owner. The Muhlenberg Township Police Department will not take custody of an animal and it is the responsibility of the resident to take the animal to the Humane Society at no cost to the resident. 


No Nonsense Neutering is located at 1500 Frush Valley Road, Reading, PA 19605 and provides spay-neuter services. The Trap Neuter Release (TNR) Program is free for residents of Muhlenberg Township and provides residents with a resource to manage the feral cat population should one exist in your area. 

What is a feral cat? A “feral” cat is unsocialized, typically fearful of people and most often found living outdoors in groups known as colonies. The cats in the colony share a common food source and most likely originated from unneutered stray cats. How “feral” a cat is depends on many factors including age, number of feral generations, exposure to humans and individual genetics. The Trap Neuter Release program controls feral cat populations in a safe and humane manner. Below are the guidelines pertaining to the No Nonsense Neutering program.



  • Feral cats are by appointment only

  • Trappers can schedule up to 5 cats online or by phone answering service 866.820.2510

  • You must wait for a confirmation email or return phone call for your appointment date

  • Trappers with 1 TRAPPED cat can walk in between 8-930AM on scheduled clinic days

  • Do NOT trap unless you have an appointment or can walk in the next day.

  • Make sure that you understand how to open and set the trap before you leave the clinic.

  • Do NOT leave a trap open OVERNIGHT or unattended.

  • Do NOT attempt to transfer cats from the trap to a dog crate or carrier.

  • PLEASE do not bring feral cats for surgery in a dog crate, pet cat carrier, cardboard box or pillowcase.

  • Cats can be held overnight and fed in the traps the evening before surgery.

  • Transport them covered to the clinic the next day.​                                                                                                   

LOANER TRAPS are available for the sole purpose of Trap Neuter Return activities and will be used to bring cats to the NNN clinic. NNN traps are NOT to be used to capture a cat/kitten for relinquishment to an animal shelter for destruction.

·         Loaner traps are available for 2 weeks: $25 refundable cash deposit for 2 traps. If you want to rent more traps, there will be additional costs.

·         Trap pickup/drop off available during from 10-4 PM on clinic surgery days. Our staff is in surgery during the day and is not available to assist you at other times.

·         Your deposit will be returned ONLY if the trap is brought back in clean, working condition.

·         ALL free roaming cats should be ear- tipped. It is done under anesthesia and does not hurt them but it does PROTECT them. Why? Because the left ear-tip is a universal sign that this cat is fixed and vaccinated.  An ear-tip may save their lives.​​​​