Trash & Recycling
This page will provide you with detailed interactive information regarding Muhlenberg Township's residential and commercial trash and recycling program.
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2019 Special Events Recycling Dates

Senior Citizen Trash Discount

If you are or turn 65 years of age during this calendar year you are entitled to a $40 discount for the year provided you complete a one-time application for the discount; provide proof of age (driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, etc.) for all household members; and, pay the entire invoice before the due date. Invoices paid after the due date will be the full rate with penalties added. If you have already applied for the Senior Citizen Discount in the past, you are no longer required to complete an application and your invoice should reflect the discounted rate of $120.00. Click here for the Senior Citizen Discount Verification Form  Print out this form and bring it along with a valid ID to the Muhlenberg Township Business Office Monday through Friday, 8AM to 4:30PM.  610-929-4727

S​hrub, Tree & Brush Drop Off Location Information

Commerical Recycling

Muhlenberg Township Ordinance 267, codified as Chapter 111 requires a mandatory recycling program throughout the Township. The Township has established recycling requirements for all properties in the Township of Muhlenberg. It shall be the duty of every property owner in the Township wherein recyclables area generated and/or accumulated to provide for the collection, removal, and disposal of such recyclables in accordance with the provisions of PA State Act 101.

Those properties in the Township not receiving municipal recycling collection service including but not, limited to, large apartment and condominium type properties, large commercial and industrial properties and institutional properties shall establish and maintain their own private recycling programs in accordance with the provisions of this Part and Act 101. All such properties shall submit periodic reports regarding their recycling programs and providing information as requested by the Township.

Acceptable Recycling Materials Include:

Aluminum cans


Bimetallic cans

Corrugated paper

Glass containers

High grade office paper

Plastic containers

Steel cans

Please note that private recycling programs must include, at a minimum, aluminum cans, corrugated paper, and high grade office paper. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Township of Muhlenberg. Please call 610-929-4727 for further assistance.