Rental Landlord Letter

​Dear Property Owner,

Muhlenberg Township has adopted ordinance 2014-533 which requires any residential rental unit to be registered annually and inspected by the Township on a 3 year inspection cycle.  The fees associated will be charged in accordance to the township's fee schedule as listed below.

Property Maintenance/Rental Registration and Inspection fees
Rental Registration Fee
$50 Per Unit Per Year
$25 per unit for consecutive years
Inspection Fees
$100 Per Unit for first visit and one re-inspection
Inspection Fee 3rd Visit
$300 Per unit
Inspection Fee 4th Visit and all subsequent Visits
$1000 Per Unit
No Show Fee – First Offense
No Show Fee- Second Offense
No Show Fee – Third Offense
Third request for Inspection Cancellation Fee and each Cancellation request beyond the third.

Please complete an application and pay the registration fee according to the amount of units that are in your particular property at the rate of $50 per unit.  Also please complete the inspection scheduling form so that your rental inspection can be scheduled at a date/time that’s accommodating to you.  You’ll also find an inspection check list which will give you a general idea of some of the items that will be checked during the inspection.  We recommend that you or your representative do your own inspection prior to your appointment to minimize the amount of re-inspections necessary. Please complete all forms and make payments by May 1, 2016 (if you need a payment extention, please contact the Property Maintenance Officer Joshua Levengood at 610-929-4727, Ext. 244.) Failure to comply with any part of this ordinance may lead to revocation of your rental license. If you have any further questions relating to scheduling your inspection please contact Judy Zettlemoyer  the Muhlenberg Township office at 610-929-4727 Ext. 245 and any other questions please contact Joshua Levengood at 610-929-4727 Ext. 244. 


Joshua Levengood
Property Maintenance Officer
Muhlenberg Township