South Temple Park


4199 Kutztown Rd
Temple, PA 19560


 Security Deposit

​A $100 Security Deposit is required of all groups who reserve park facilities. Security Deposits are deposited and returned upon adherence to all policies and the criteria listed below. This fee assures that you will abide by the rules set forth on these pages as well as park regulations written on the permit. MTPR staff will notify you by telephone prior to any assessed penalty.

 Standard Infraction Penalties


​It is the responsibility of each permit holder (the person whose name appears on the permit as the "Contact Name") to know and understand the rules and regulations for use of the permitted facility. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to inform and enforce facility use regulations among those attending their event or activity or risk being penalized.

When Muhlenberg Township staff becomes involved in enforcing regulations, penalty fees are assessed against the Security Deposit on file in the MTPR Office. A list of Standard Penalties follows. There may be situations that call for an adjustment to the listed fines (more or less severe). The decision to alter the listed fine rests with the Director of Parks and Recreation after incident reports and shift reports are reviewed.

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Park Amenities
  • Building/Pavilion: Yes
  • Water: No
  • Water Fountain: Yes
  • Restrooms: Yes - portable toilet
  • Electric: Yes
  • Grill(s) on site: Yes
  • Refrigerator: No
  • Microwave: No
  • Sink: No
  • Playground Structures: Yes
  • Basketball Courts: No
  • Baseball Fields: No
  • Soccer Fields: No
  • Volleyball Courts: Yes
  • Disc Golf: No
  • Skate Park: No
  • Park Trails: No
  • Canoe Launch: No
  • Fishing: No
  • WiFi: No
  • Alcohol Permitted: No
Park Hours

Standard parks hours are from 7 AM until Sunset.
Reservation hours are from 7 AM until 10 PM.

Rental Pricing
Resident Pricing
Monday - Thursday $60.00
Weekends & Holidays $80.00
Non-Resident Pricing
Monday - Thursday $85.00
Weekends & Holidays $105.00
Court Reservation

Resident w/ lights: $5/hr Min. $10/use
Resident w/o lights: $3/hr Min. $6/use
Non-Resident w/ lights: $7.50/hr Min. $15/use
Non-Resident w/o lights: $5/hr Min. $10/use

Refund Policy
Refunds, which include rental fees and alcohol permits, will be issued according to the following provisions:
  • Cancelled with 28 or more days notice– 100% Refund
  • Cancelled within 21-27 days of reservation – 75% Refund
  • Cancelled within 14-20 days of reservation – 50% Refund
  • Cancelled within 7-13 days of reservation – 25% Refund
  • Cancelled within 0-6 days of reservation – No Refund
The Security Deposit is always refunded for rentals that did not occur.