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To demonstrate our commitment to our profession, all members of the Department subscribe to the following values statement:


Treat Everyone with Respect

We need the support of the public to do an effective job. Treating people with respect is a basic premise in forming positive relationships. No matter what their station in life, including their occupation, appearance, bearing, speech, intelligence, and character; all persons should be treated with respect.

Respect entails extending common courtesy to people, and affording them dignity. Allow them to “save face” when possible, especially in front of family and friends.

Enforce Laws in a Fair and Unbiased Manner

All people should be treated equally under the law. Circumstances, situations, and prior knowledge and experience will affect the judgments and decisions you make, but race, color, creed, sexual preferences, economic status and other personal characteristics and preferences should not have any influence on your actions. Both your intent and the perception of your intent (appearances) must be clear to reasonable persons.

Express Integrity in our Actions, Words, and Writing

We are the sum of our actions. What we do, say, and write is who we are. Make sure your actions represent you well. Make choices from the heart, do the right thing, and speak the truth. The pattern you set will demonstrate your character to others. Be very aware that you represent the Township of Muhlenberg and its police department. Keep our profession honorable.


Attempt to Solve or Alleviate Problems

We are not just report takers, we are problem solvers. Use your knowledge and skills to identify, analyze, and resolve problems whenever possible. The best time to take action is while you are on the scene and the issue is current. Seize the moment to accomplish a meaningful resolution or abatement of the problem.

Do All You Reasonably Can to Achieve Closure On a Case or Situation

Citizens want to know that you have done what you reasonably could to help them. This involves an honest attempt to retrieve evidence, identify a suspect, obtain a warrant, make an arrest, and prepare for prosecution. Once you have followed up a case as far as you can, take the necessary steps to advise the victim or complainant of what was done and the status of the case. More complaints are received from the public because of miscommunication or a lack of communication than anything else. Whenever possible, people want closure.

If You Can’t Help Someone, Direct Them to the Person Who Can

In many cases, you will not be the person who can provide the service people need to alleviate their problem. However, you will probably have an idea which person, agency, or organization may be able to assist them. Provide this information to them, in writing when possible.

Support All Facets of Our Community by Participating in Department Sponsored Activities

Demonstrate your commitment to the community by becoming involved in activities that form positive relationships between police officers and the people they serve. Use a skill, talent, or energy you possess to help others in need. There are plenty of opportunities to serve, and at least one of them is something you could get involved in with positive results.


Work Together

A team can accomplish much more than any one person, even a superstar. We do not want individual stars at the expense of a team effort. A primary goal of the department is to have a winning team, and all members should strive to be active players.

Uplift One Another

Too often, time and energy are spent criticizing the abilities and efforts of other team members. We should be using our individual skills and abilities to build up the team. Share your abilities with others, and shore up their weaknesses instead of exploiting them.

Trust One Another

Trust is a lot like respect, you have to give it in order to get it. Trust your team members. It involves some risk, but if you are sincere about giving trust to other team members it will rarely backfire. Trust will open the lines of communication and result in the acceptance of new ideas and better team performance.

Depend On One Another

We want to reach the point where you know that your team will back you up in times of crises. Strive to back each other up as you pursue the common objectives and performance levels set by the department and your division, platoon, and unit.

Yield To One Another

Consider the thoughts and ideas of your teammates when making decisions. Stubbornness is not a desirable attribute when dealing with others who are seeking the same goals. Negotiation and consensus are useful in reaching sound decisions for most routine and some emergency plans of action