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There are currently no regulations which require a person or corporation to register any alarm system in the Borough of Sinking Spring. It is the Sinking Spring Police Department's aim to respond to all alarms and to investigate the validity of each alarm. It is expected, however, that persons and corporations which have alarms which malfunction will make efforts to have those alarm systems repaired as soon as possible to prevent needless response of police and fire agencies. In cases where efforts are not made to have alarm systems repaired, or disabled, the following regulations may apply:

Fire Alarms

Ordinance 528 of 2004 provides that any person or corporation having responsibility or control over any fire alarm system shall be responsible for insuring that any false, accidental or improper activation must be deactivated within fifteen minutes after activation. It further provides that after three false activations a service fee of $100.00 shall be charged for a fourth false alarm, $500.00 shall be charged for a fifth false alarm, and $1,000.00 shall be charged for the sixth or more false alarms in any calendar year.

Burglar/Fire Alarms

In addition, the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Section 7511 (c) provides that any false alarms in excess of three false alarms in a consecutive twelve month period is a summary violation of the Crimes Code and punishable by a fine of up to $300.00 plus costs.