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It shall be unlawful for any person entering or using the park to do any of the following while in the park:


  1.    Enter or be present in the park after sunset or before 8:00 a.m.

  2.    Operate a motorized vehicle including, without limitation, a car, truck, motorcycle, motorbike, dirt bike, trailer, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, or any other road vehicle or recreational vehicle anywhere other than on a parking lot or access road.

  3.    Operate a motor vehicle for any purpose other than for entering and exiting the park.

  4.    Park a motor vehicle anywhere other than in a designated parking space.

  5.    Build or erect any structure, whether temporary or permanent.

  6.    Remove, damage, or deface any tree, rock, plant, structure, facility or equipment.

  7.    Organize or facilitate a gathering of more than fifteen (15) people without the appropriate permission from the Township.

  8.    Possess, use or consume any alcoholic beverage or illegal or illicit substance.

  9.    Possess or use any airgun, slingshot, bow, arrow, explosive or firecracker.

10     Possess a firearm, other than a shotgun used for hunting purposes at least three hundred feet from a playing field or playground.

11.    Make or contribute to the making of noise that is disturbing to the rights of others who may wish to use the park or that constitutes a nuisance.

12.    Engage in any commercial activity.

13.    Distribute printed material, engage in solicitation or place unauthorized advertisements, signs or posters, without an appropriate permit from the Township.

14.    Litter or fail to dispose of trash or rubbish brought to the park in appropriate receptacle.

15.    Camp or sleep for more than two (2) hours.

16.    Kindle, maintain or use an open fire.

17.    Fail to control personal pets.

18.    Launch or use a boat, raft, canoe or similar device.

19.    Swim or enter water directly from park property.

20.    Fail to remove a motor vehicle at or before sunset.

21.    Engage in the trapping of animals

22.    Contaminate, pollute or degrade natural waters.

23.    Graze or permit the grazing of domestic livestock.

24.    Fish from, or while on, park property.

25.    Engage in trapping of animals

26.    Remove sand, earth, clay, stone, minerals or other products.

27.    Participate in, become a part of or contribute to boisterous, immoral or indecent conduct.

28.    Violate, fail or neglect to follow temporary or permanent instructions posted on signs authorized by the Board

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 94-02 of Union Township