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Something you may not know… Taxes (What am I paying?)

The township is always asked, If I pay so much in taxes why aren’t you doing more?

Well here is what you pay in taxes and what the township receives from that money. (All figures are as of October 31st, 2016)

• Current School tax rate is 26.71 mills

• Current County tax rate is 7.372 mills

• Current Township tax rate is 1.95 mills

• Therefore, a property assessed at $100,000 would pay $2,671.00 to the School, $737.20 to the County and $195.00 to the township for a total of $3,603.20.

• The township received taxes in the amount of $ 163,930.36 from January 2016-October 31, 2016. (These funds are used for repairs to township buildings, general operating, park, roads, etc)

• The township receives approx. $100,000 from the state for road repairs.

• The average road overlay is between $8 -$9 per Square yard.