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Let's Talk Trash .....

Your new trash hauler for the next three years is Kreitzer Sanitation.

Trash cost have been lowered!  Your Trash/Recycling cost will be $66 a quarter. 

Trash Collection:


· Four bags/containers per home

· You still need to pre-arrange for bulk item pick-up, call Kreitzer at 1-866-573-4893




· Please use your blue, 65-gallon, container.  If you do not have one you can either buy your own recycling container or receive a sticker which can be placed on any container of your choice.  These stickers are at the Borough Hall.

· You may mix all your recyclables together

Yes:  Plastic Containers #1 through #7, aluminum, metal cans; glass bottles & containers; newspapers; magazines; catalogs; phone books; cardboard; cereal boxes; and mixed papers.

No:  Styrofoam, paper towels, facial tissues, plastic bags, wax-coated paper drink containers (like OJ or milk cartons), food/garbage, no used plastic or Styrofoam serving dishes and cups; no packaging supplies like Styrofoam peanuts, no mirrors; window glass; or light bulbs; no aerosol cans; propane tanks or medical waste.

 Any questions, please feel free to call the Wernersville Borough Hall at 610-678-1486

KREITZER WILL NOT PICK UP TRASH OR RECYCLING ON A HOLIDAY.  They will pick-up trash or recycling the next day!

The pickup times may change due to any reason, so putting out your trash the night BEFORE will ensure your trash will be picked up.

According to Ordinance #422 each property must pay for trash service whether a pickup is conducted or not, only business and apartment buildings with over EIGHT units are excluded.

Make sure your trash can lids are secured and your trash bags tied tightly.

When paying your trash payments through personal checking accounts or Bill Paying over the Internet, always make sure that your current account number is listed clearly on the check to ensure proper credit to your account.

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A Recycling Drop-Off Center has opened in Berks County at 455 Poplar Neck Road in Birdsboro. M-F 8:00 am to 3:45 pm and Saturday 8:00—11:45 am.  Any questions call 610-375-2772.  They accept the following materials: batteries, aluminum & tin cans, plastics, glass bottles, cardboard, newspapers, magazines, scrap metal, tires, electronics, appliances, cell phones, waste vegetable oil, printer/toner cartridges, eye glasses, good condition clothing/shoes, fluorescent tube lights.