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Minutes: May 2012 Miniutes


 May 2012   Miniutes



Held at 101 W. High Street on

May 15, 2012


Council President Vince Balistrieri called the meeting to order at 7:01 P.M.



Council Members: Carl Liptak, Connie Sheffy (7:07 PM), Vickie Madden, Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine and Vince Balistrieri, Engineer – Jamie Motley, Mayor – Jennifer Gettle, Police Chief – John Reber, Acting Secretary – Nan Feeg.



Resident: John Richards, Reading Eagle Reporter: Steve DeLucas.



Bid Openings: Four (4) bids were received for the 2012 Street Work.  At 7:02 P.M. Mr. Motley opened the bid envelopes from the four contractors.


                                        Contract 1           Contract 2           Contract 3               Contract 4        

Bidder Name                    W. High St.      S. Water Street     Barn Parking Lot     Linden Alley    TOTAL


Landis C. Deck & Sons    $58,033.62          $7,094.80              $6,494.40             $11,196.40    $82,819.22

Div. of Rdg. Site Contr.   

306 New Schaefferstown Rd.

Bernville, PA  19506


Martin Paving, Inc.          $55,398.80           $7,530.54             $8,413.92             $12,971.04    $84,314.30

531 E. 28th Div. Hwy.

Ephrata, PA  17543


EJB Paving, Inc.              $55,847.00            $7,762.20             $7,248.00             $11,128.00     $81,985.20

1117 Snyder Road

West Lawn, PA  19609


Burkholder Paving, Inc.  $57,972.80          $11,967.00             $5,520.00               $9,659.10     $85,118.90   

621 Martendale Rd.

Ephrata, PA  17544 


LOW BID                    $55,398.80        $7,094.80             $5,520.00           $9659.10   $77,672.70


Discussion followed.  Contract #3, the barn parking lot, ($5,520.00) must come out of the general fund and not liquid fuels and one half of Contract #2, S. Water Street, ($7,094.80) will be split between the Borough and Bethany Children’s Home.  Mr. Motley will verify that it will be okay to pay the entire contract for S. Water Street with Liquid Fuels and then reimburse the liquid fuels account when the Bethany portion is received.  Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mr. Liptak to accept Martin Paving’s bid for Contract #1, Landis Deck’s bid for Contract #2 and Burkholder Paving’s bid for Contracts #3 and #4, seconded by Mr. Liptak.  Motion carried unanimously.  Mr. Motley stated that the parking lot and S. Water Street are 30 days and High Street, and Linden Alley are 60 days and he will get them to Charlie Paris of PennDOT as soon as possible so they can be awarded.


Mill Spring Park: Mr. Motley informed Council there is now electric at Mill Spring Park.  He was informed that the bathroom sign is not on the door, so he will make sure that one is placed on there.


Pennsylvania Stormwater Coalition: Mr. Balistrieri questioned Mr. Motley if he received the email regarding their meeting on Thursday, May 24 at 2 P.M. at the Upper Merion Township Building.  The purpose of the meeting is to update all members on the status of the PAG13 NOI deadline, investigate areas of future cooperation efforts and to discuss the stormwater coalition going forward.  Mr. Motley informed Council he will be attending that meeting and that he has been in touch with the Berks County Coalition that is working on a county-wide plan to address the PCB’s in the Schuylkill.


Motion moved by Mr. Liptak, seconded by Mr. Hays to approve the May 1, 2012 Borough Council Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion moved by Mr. Liptak, seconded by Mr. Herbine to approve the list of bills to be paid as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mr. Hays to pay payroll between meetings.  Motion carried unanimously.



A list of communications was given to Council Members, one requiring action.

Community Paper Shredding Event: After a discussion, motion moved by Mr. Liptak, seconded by Mr. Hays to agree to participate in the Community Shredding Event tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 15, 2012 at National Penn Bank across from the Conrad Weiser School Buildings.  Motion carried unanimously.



John Richards – Summer Playground: Mr. Richards informed Council that he is working on sending letters out to local businesses and organizations to arrange for field trips in order to stay within budget since the price of transportation really went up this year.  He also informed Council of some of the activities he has planned including the Borough’s 250th Anniversary, Summer Olympics, the library and making a movie, which will be shown at the library and that he has acquired some playground equipment from other playgrounds that were giving their things away.  Mr. Richards asked Council’s permission to do a letter to give to the schools regarding the playground program, so he was instructed to contact Mrs. Balistrieri to put it on Borough letterhead and make the copies.  Mr. Richards presented a contract for Council’s approval for Miss Maggie, who does a kid’s show, on Monday, June 25, 2012, at 10:30 a.m. for approximately a two-hour show at a cost of $150.00.  Motion moved by Mrs. Madden, seconded by Mrs. Sheffy to sign the contract.  Motion carried unanimously.  Mr. Richards suggested that any leaders have CPR and first aid training.  Since July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year and playground is Monday through Thursdays, Mr. Richards requested there be no playground July 4 or Thursday, July 5th and Council agreed.  Mr. Richards was instructed to discuss with the Pool Committee the fee and times for the playground to go to the pool.  Council praised Mr. Richards for the fine job he does.



Pool Keys: Mr. Hamilton informed Council the new door has been installed and special keys have to be made, which are expensive.  Discussion followed, including a keypad or a lock box.  It was agreed that 13 keys are needed: 4 – Maintenance Dept.,  4 – Police Dept., 2 – pool managers, 1 – snack bar, 1 – Pool Committee, and 1 – Borough Office/spare.


Assistant Manager: Mr. Hamilton informed Council that the Assistant Manager has resigned and presented a possible solution suggested by the manager, with Heather Perrine doing part-time managing on the weekends.  Discussion followed including the manager being there on weekends and holidays, management hours needed per week, advertising the assistant manager position, wages and how the manager plans to use the second assistant pool managers.  Motion moved by Mrs. Madden, seconded by Mr. Hamilton to hire two second assistant pool managers at $10.00 per hour based on what the Pool Committee comes up with the manager.  Motion carried unanimously.


Reduced Pool Rate: Council agreed there is no reduced rate after 5 P.M.  The only reduced rate will be $3.00 for when the pool is open from 4 – 7 P.M. weekdays while school is in session.


Lacrosse Pool Party: After a discussion including using wristbands and waterproof ink/stamps for pool parties, Council approved the Lacrosse Club’s request for a party at the pool on Sunday, June 3, 2012, from noon to 5 P.M. at the outside non-profit organization fee of $3.00 per person for the first four hours plus $25.00 for the fifth hour.


Soda Machine:  Luke Mumma requested putting in a soda machine.  Discussion followed.  Council did not agree to this request.


Park Cameras: Discussion followed on the placement of the DVR at Mill Spring Park as well as a price quote Mr. Hamilton presented for cameras for Town Park and Mill Spring Park.  Motion moved by Mr. Hays, seconded by Mr. Herbine to spend an additional $600.00 in addition to the $3000.00 previously authorized for the cameras for the parks. Motion carried unanimously.



Plaque for 250th Anniversary Baby: Mayor Gettle informed Council that she will pick up the plaque this week and it will be presented on Saturday in conjunction with the Women of Today presenting their basket at “Kum Wunnerfitz.”


Police Merger: Mr. Balistrieri informed Council that he received a telephone call that Bernville is still interested in talking about joining forces.  A meeting will be scheduled with two of their Councilmen and Mayor and our Police Committee, Council President and Mayor.





Pool: Discussion followed on number of people permitted in the pool and the amount of lifeguards required as well as concerns of training pool employees on the operation of the pool and technical issues at the pool as well as electrical issues.  Mr. Hays and Mr. Liptak will observe the operations during the pool season and will check out the situations. 


Maintenance: Mr. Hays informed Council that in addition to having electricity at Mill Spring, the bathroom has been painted and the shed will be moved and the wall and stone work on the old garage will hopefully be done by this weekend as well as the bulletin boards in front of the Borough Hall.



Curb and Sidewalk Inspections: Mr. Herbine informed Council that he will complete his curb and sidewalk inspections on the 500 and 600 blocks of West High Street by the end of this week.



Pool: The manager requested the door to the office be sanded and painted as well as a few small things Mr. Liptak would like addressed.



Use of Facilities: Mrs. Sheffy stated there is nothing needing Council’s approval for either the WACA’s requests or 250th Anniversary Committee, and she has talked to Mr. Swope about the placement of the dumpsters.


Kum Wunnerfitz: Mrs. Sheffy and Mr. Hays will be switching their times.  Discussion followed with Mrs. Sheffy bringing the cookies and lemonade on Friday, Mr. Liptak providing the cooler, having a sign out front announcing the Borough Hall will be open from 10-4 as well as items to be displayed in the Borough Hall.



Playground Helpers: Mrs. Madden announced that she would like to hire two playground helpers at the rate of $8.25 per hour. The first name presented was Rohan Gupta.  Discussion followed on wage rate for leaders versus helpers and Council agreed helpers should start at $7.25 an hour. An executive session was requested to discuss personnel issues.  Motion moved by Mrs. Madden, seconded by Mr. Herbine to hire Dylan Moyer, who is returning, at $7.50 an hour.  Motion carried 6-1 with Mr. Liptak voting “nay.” Council went into executive session at 8:43 P.M to discuss personnel issues and returned at 8:58 P.M, agreeing to table hiring anyone for playground helpers until the June Council Meeting.  Motion moved by Mrs. Madden, seconded by Mr. Herbine to rescind the previous motion hiring Dylan Moyer at $7.50 an hour and to hold off on hiring anyone as a playground helper until the next meeting on June 5.  Motion carried unanimously.



Radios: Mr. Balistrieri informed Council that the Borough will have to do all the advertising and paying for the radios, which will probably be an additional $4000.00 to $5000.00.  Discussion followed.


Credit/Debit Card System: Mr. Balistrieri reported back to Council Fulton Bank’s latest proposal on the credit card payment system and the termination fee.  Mr. Balistrieri explained that he ran some numbers based on a $62.00 transaction.  World Pay: $1.44 will be paid per transaction to the bank, $25.00 monthly fee, it will take 417 transactions to break even on the $25.00 and there is a $295.00 early termination fee on the first year, $195.00 on the second year, and $95.00 on the third year.  Fulton: $.45 will be paid per transaction, $41.00 monthly fees, it takes 39 transactions to break even on the $41.00 and termination fees are $250.00 minimum and $5000.00 maximum, which, according to what Mr. Balistrieri reads in the contract, are based on the minimum and the maximum; if we do 40 transactions, the fees paid the last 3 months times 20% times the number of months left on the contract.  Based on that, at the end of one year, at 40 transactions a month, it would cost us $1132.80, if you are doing 20 transactions a month it would cost you $960.00 and if you are doing 10 transactions a month it would cost us $873.00 to get out of the last two years of the contract.  The Sewer Authority has agreed to split the costs 50/50.   Mr. Balistrieri checked into it and everybody is a three year contract; there are no one year deals.  Discussion followed.  Motion moved by Mr. Hamilton, seconded by Mrs. Madden to move forward with the credit/debit card system with Fulton.  A roll call vote was taken: Mr. Liptak – Nay, Mr. Hamilton – Yes, Mr. Hays – Yes, Mrs. Sheffy – Yes, Mrs. Madden – Yes, Mr. Herbine – No, Mr. Balistrieri – Yes.  Motion carried 5-2.  Mr. Balistrieri will get it taken care of.


Motion moved by Mrs. Madden, seconded by Mr. Herbine to adjourn.  With no further business to be brought before Council, the meeting adjourned at 9:15 P.M. 


Minutes Respectfully Submitted,



Nan Feeg

Acting Secretary







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