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Minutes: February 21, 2012 minutes


    February 21, 2012 minutes



Held at 101 W. High Street on

February 21, 2012


Council President Vince Balistrieri called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.



Council Members: Carl Liptak, Connie Sheffy, Vickie Madden, Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine and Vince Balistrieri, Mayor Jennifer Gettle, Police Chief – John Reber, Acting Secretary – Nan Feeg.





Motion moved by Mrs. Madden, seconded by Mr. Herbine to approve the list of bills to be paid as presented.   Motion carried unanimously.



A list of communications was given to Council Members, none requiring action.



Check Imaging Fee: Mrs. Madden stated the Bank Manager is looking into a solution regarding waiving the monthly fee.


Summer Help:  Mrs. Madden has been looking over the applications received and will be starting with interviews for the summer maintenance position.  Discussion followed on scheduling of interviews, amounts budgeted, cost of valve, starting dates, grants and new requirements for swimming pools.  The Personnel Committee as well as Mr. Hays of the Buildings/Grounds/Maintenance Committee will schedule the interviews.  The interviews will include questions prepared by the Buildings/Grounds/Maintenance Committee.  Council agreed The Body Zone, the Y’s and local school districts are to be contacted regarding lifeguards as well as listing it on Facebook.



LED Sign: Mrs. Sheffy questioned when the Barta Bus advertisement on the LED sign was paid and was informed they purchased an ad. last summer.


Use of Facilities Applications:  Mrs. Sheffy informed Council that the Rec. Board has received applications from both the WACA’s and the 250th Anniversary Committee for the various functions using Borough facilities.  Some have special requests, so the Rec. Board will review them and she will bring back to Council any special requests that need Council approval.  Discussion followed on dumpsters requested for the various events and the placement of dumpsters as well as repairing of the park following all the events that are going to be held there this year.  Mr. Hays will check the COG contract if there is still provision for a free dumpster.  Discussion continued on how the Anniversary Committee is allowed to use any money that is left over at the end of the year as well as if there is any more information regarding the bench the Gromis family is purchasing in memory of Mary Ann.  The Mayor informed Council that she knows that the idea was presented to the Anniversary Committee and she knows it is being worked on.  The Mayor suggested that maybe the Borough could come up with a list of ideas in case the 250th Anniversary Committee has any money left over at the end of the year. 


250th Anniversary Ice Cream Social at the Pool: Council is still waiting to hear back from the Anniversary Committee how they are going to control that since it is only for Borough residents.



Nothing to report.



Ball Field DVR: Mr. Hamilton stated that Super Circuits sent out a remote and have zeroed out the bill for it.  An external IR is now needed to work the remote. 


Website: Mr. Hamilton reported that the migration from the County is finished so now we can get ours up and running.


Police Applications: After a discussion, it was agreed by Council members for the Police Committee and one member of the Personnel Committee to set up interviews on February 29, 2012, starting at 6:00 P.M. from the applications received for part-time police officers.  Mrs. Balistrieri is to send out the letters tomorrow, February 29, 2012.


Jake Brake: Mr. Hamilton questioned if anything can be done about the Jake Braking that is occurring on Second Street.  He is getting quite a few complaints regarding this.  Discussion followed. 


Parking Lot at Second and High Streets: Mrs. Sheffy questioned why the lot wasn’t plowed after the snow falls this year.  Discussion followed on Jesse Horst’s complaint regarding 157 W. High Street residents dumping garbage in his dumpster and parking on his lot preventing him from plowing.   Council instructed the Police Chief to patrol those parking spaces.  Discussion followed if an Ordinance is required to cover this and if we have one.  According to Mayor Gettle, #259.2 Section B in the Borough’s Code Book addresses this; the Chief stated that he needs a letter drawn up and notarized that he can present to the judge stating that it is properly posted by the Borough.  Discussion followed regarding turning left off that parking lot as well as sign/line violations. 



Snow Plow: Council reviewed the price quotes for a new snow plow for the Borough’s Ford 550 small dump truck.   Motion moved by Mr. Hays, seconded by Mrs. Sheffy to purchase the plow with bumpers needed from E.M. Kurtz, Inc. on the price quoted of $5265.00 plus $173.00 for the bumpers, which was the lowest price quoted and to be paid with liquid fuels money.  Motion carried unanimously. 


Maintenance Issues: Mr. Hays stated he has some maintenance issues he needs to discuss with Mr. Liptak.


Credit Card Bill: Mrs. Madden stated that last month it was brought to her attention by Mrs. Balistrieri about a credit card overlap and informed Council there was a late fee on it, which Mrs. Balistrieri had waived.  Mr. Balistrieri explained that we wanted to pay everything we could in December; however, there were bills on the Fulton credit card that Mrs. Balistrieri did not know about because she was not given the invoices until after the payment was made at the end of December.  At Council’s instructions, Mrs. Balistrieri made the payment at the end of December based on the receipts she had.  When the bill for the credit card came in January it included the charges for the invoices she was given after the payment was made in December.  The invoices that were on the January credit card bill were only paid in January and are in this budget year rather than last year. 


Brush Cleanup: Mr. Hays questioned Council about Line Drive going up the ball field where our property ends in the fence row and the cemetery begins where the orange stakes are.  Council agreed to have the maintenance crew clean out the fallen brush in that area.


Mill Spring Shed: Mr. Hays asked for Rec. Board’s recommendation for the permanent location of the shed so it can be moved.



Truck Signs on Jefferson Street: Mr. Herbine questioned and Council and the Chief agreed that we cannot place truck restriction signs on Jefferson Street.


Handicap Parking Request:  Mr. Herbine informed Council that he received an application for one handicap parking space at 34 East High Street and the request will be granted.


Newsletter: Mr. Herbine reminded Council Members that articles are due by Friday, March 2, 2012 for the Spring/Summer Newsletter.


Recycling Grants: Mr. Herbine informed Council that he submitted the recycling grant to the County today.



Nothing to report since the Police Hirings has already been addressed.



Rec. Board Letter of Resignation: Mr. Balistrieri read a letter of resignation submitted by Leann Koch of the Rec. Board.  Motion moved by Mrs. Sheffy, seconded by Mrs. Madden to accept Leann Koch’s letter of resignation from the Rec. Board.  Motion carried unanimously. Mrs. Balistrieri is to type the letter.  Mr. Balistrieri asked Mr. Liptak and Mrs. Madden to help try to find a replacement since they are involved with the youth sports programs.


1997 Dump Truck: Mr. Balistrieri stated the big dump truck is still overheating even after the repair at Central Garage and presented the following quotes for a new radiator: Hurst - $3200.00, Central Garage - $2471.00, $1690.50 for an aftermarket, and Owl Creek Garage - $2320.73 for a factory, $1528.70 for an aftermarket with an estimate of 5 hours of labor at $65 an hour but that is just an estimate until they do the job.  After a discussion it was agreed to check the price from another business in Temple, PA.  Mr. Liptak made a point to request that we get the old radiator, as we will be able to receive some money for it for scrap metal.


Sewer Authority: Mr. Balistrieri reported that it looks good for the reimbursements from FEMA and PEMA for the flood related expenses and explained to Council the increments of reimbursement.  He also informed Council that 11 property owners from Group 1 did not comply with the sewer inspection program and were therefore double billed the last sewer bill.  Three of them have paid that bill.  Mr. Balistrieri also informed Council that the Sewer Authority wants to pursue the Borough accepting credit cards for payments and the Sewer Authority agrees to help pay for this.  After a discussion, Council agreed to pursue this so Mr. Balistrieri will contact Fulton Bank.


Check Signing: After a discussion because of the current issues of having problems with availability of signers, Council agreed that the checks will be printed for signing at meetings.


Police Department Merger: Mr. Balistrieri and Mr. Hamilton reported on the recent meeting regarding the police department merger with North Heidelberg Township and Bernville Borough, who were very receptive and very interested.  A second meeting is scheduled for April 2, 2012.  Discussion followed.


Development: Mr. Balistrieri informed Council there has been an inquiry for sewer capacity for the Flag Factory and Squire Hill is currently on hold as far as he knows.  Discussion followed.


With no further business to be brought before Council, motion moved by Mr. Liptak, seconded by Mr. Hamilton to adjourn the meeting at 9:16 P.M.  Motion carried unanimously.


Minutes Respectfully Submitted,



Nan Feeg

Acting Secretary




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