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Minutes: June 5 Minutes


June 5 Minutes


PUBLIC HEARING     JUNE 5, 2012  -  7:00PM   This Public Hearing was advertised to discuss the proposed Flood Plain Management Ordinance.  Solicitor Shollenberger called for response from the public in attendance. There was no response from the Public. Council Members reserved their comments for when the Ordinance is discussed later during the Council Meeting.   The Public Hearing was concluded at 7:05PM.   WOMELSDORF BOROUGH COUNCIL MEETING JUNE 5, 2012   This meeting was called to order by Council President Vince Balistrieri at 7:05PM, beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance.   PRESENT Council Members-Carl Liptak, Connie Keller-Sheffy, Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine, and Vince Balistrieri. Mayor-Jen Gettle, Engineer-Jamie Motley, Solicitor-Allen Shollenberger, Police Chief-John Reber and Secretary-Mickey Balistrieri   ABSENT Vickie Madden   GUESTS Fire Chief-Bob Martin, Richard and Debbie DiGirolamo, Russell Rissmiller, and Chris Reber, Reading Eagle Reporter   Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to accept the May 15, 2012 Workshop Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.   Motion by Mr. Liptak, second by Mr. Herbine to accept the list of bills to be paid. Motion carried unanimously.   Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hamilton to accept one bill to be ratified.  Motion carried unanimously.   Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Liptak to pay payroll between meetings.  Motion carried unanimously.   COMMUNICATIONS A list of communications was presented to Council, one requesting action.  Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to forego the trash billing incurred while King Townhouse Rentals LLC had a trash contract with Allied Waste Management.  Motion carried unanimously. King Townhouse Rentals LLC began using our trash service beginning April 1st and have paid for the April 1 – June 30th billing period.   EMPLOYEES/BOARD MEMBERS/AUTHORITIES & COMMISSIONS Planning Commission-Mr. Liptak read a letter from Charles Meredith, Planning Commission Chairman with concerns over granting any waivers that allow depth of water over the proposed culvert to exceed 1’ during any storm event up to and including the 100 year storm. Council supported the Planning Commission’s recommendation.  Motion by Mr. Liptak, second by Mr. Hays to deny approval of the Squire Hill Subdivision Preliminary plan based on Motley Associates April review letter, unless a waiver is granted for an extension of the review period.  Motion carried unanimously.   CITIZENS TO BE HEARD Richard DiGirolamo-Resident would like to see the Skateboarding ban lifted.  Discussion on the history of the adoption of the ordinance, safety concerns and property damage.  Bicycles are monitored through the vehicle codes.   Retention ponds-Mr. Rissmiller had questions and concerns about the retention ponds at the school not being surrounded by a fence.  It is posted “No Trespassing”.  Mr. Motley will bring this up with the contractor at the next construction meeting even though fencing is not required.   Fire Chief Bob Martin-Additional grant monies will be applied towards the cost of the radios.  Chief Reber reported that a representative from Radio Maintenance will be coming to the next Workshop Meeting.     250th Anniversary Committee –Cindy Hopple reported on the Ice Cream Social scheduled for June 23rd, Family Picnic at the Town Park on July 28th, and Banquet on October 12th. Discussion on Council being in the Parade, Mrs. Hopple will see that transportation is provided. Mrs. Hopple reported that Goody Bags will be prepared for the fifty-five German visitors, and that the Borough is welcome to put a letter in the bags.  The banquet will be held at the Social Quarters on Friday, Oct. 12th with Senator Folmer as the guest speaker.  Host families are still needed. Discussion on a gift for the Germans, Mayor Gettle will get ideas on something to present to each of them and report at the next meeting.   OLD BUSINESS Kum Wunnerfitz-was a successful event.   SOLICITOR Bethany Water Project-Solicitor Shollenberger reported that the agreements have been signed; the performance bond was reviewed and approved. Hauling began June 1st.     Flood Plain Management Ordinance-Solicitor reported that the hearing was held, no one had any comments, and the ordinance is ready for adoption.  Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy to adopt Ordinance #2012-02 for Flood Plain Management.  Motion carried unanimously.   Rt. 422-State Police Jurisdiction-Chief Reber reported that the State Police have full jurisdiction on Rt. 422 due to having to answer some calls within our Borough in the past year. The State Police have full jurisdiction on a divided hi-way unless the municipality has an agreement with them.  They will not renew our agreement.  Mr. Balistrieri reported that one option would be to have an “on call” officer so that the State would have a contact to call should an incident occur if we had an officer call off.  Discussion of speeding and potential increased accidents.     ENGINEER 2012 Streetwork-Mr. Motley reported that he has a meeting scheduled with Charlie Paris on Tuesday, June 12th and that the Water Street paving should be ready for Thursday or Friday. High Street will be scheduled possibly two or three days later.  Mr. Motley to notify Mickey & Wynn of road closing information.  Bob Martin to be notified.     Parking Lot-Mr. Motley reported that the stones are not in yet.  Mr. Hays will notify the guys that 4 inches of modified stones should be dumped and leveled out.   MAYOR National Night Out-Chief Reber reported that the next meeting will be on June 18th at the Fire Company at 7:00PM.   MR. LIPTAK Electric Meters-Mr. Liptak reported that the meters were installed at the baseball & soccer fields.   MRS. KELLER-SHEFFY Family Picnic-Mrs. Keller-Sheffy reported that she will be meeting with Stacy to discuss the games for the Family Picnic.   Playground Assistants-Motion by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy, second by Mr. Hamilton to rehire Alexander Nigrelli as a playground assistant and Kelly Knoblauch from the Berks County Playground Program at $8.00 per hour.  Motion carried unanimously.   Pool 2nd Assist. Manager-Motion by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy, second by Mr. Herbine to hire Heather Perrine, a returning employee as a 2nd Assist. Manager at $10.00 per hour.  Motion carried unanimously.   MR. HAMILTON Pool 2nd Assist. Manager-Motion by Mr. Hamilton, second by Mr. Liptak to hire Timothy Matlack as a 2nd Assist. Manger at $10.00 per hour.  Motion carried unanimously.   Lifeguard-Motion by Mr. Hamilton, second by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy to hire Jon Shanfelder as a new lifeguard at $7.50 per hour.  Motion carried unanimously.   Park Camera- Mr. Hamilton reported that Bob Martin can provide the security cameras for $3,600 which includes installation.  The cost from Super Circuit was $3,550 without installation. Mr. Martin will have the installation completed on Friday.     MR. HAYS Delinquent Refuse Acct.-Mr. Hays reported that Bergus Corp. of 114 Jefferson paid their outstanding refuse account.   Pool Electric –Mr. Hays met with Mr. Mumma to see what he is plugging in to cause the breaker to shut off. An additional receptacle was added.   Ride for Freedom-Mr. Hays reported that the 19th Ride for Freedom is scheduled for Sunday, August 26th leaving from the Valley Forge parking lot at 11:30AM, crossing the intersection and coming down High Street through town.   MR. HERBINE Curb & Sidewalk inspections-Mr. Herbine inspected the sidewalks on W. High Street from Fourth Street through Sixth Street.  Two letters were sent out for repair work needed.     2012 Streetwork-Mr. Herbine reported that he notified sewer, water, gas, electric and cable about the street work to be done.   MR. BALISTRIERI Credit/Debit-Mr. Balistrieri reported that he contacted Fulton, it is in the process.   Police Meeting-Mr. Hamilton reported that the meeting with Bernville went smoothly.  Solicitor Shollenberger is looking into who is eligible to sit on the new committee.  The two councils have a lot to discuss, everything is very preliminary.  Another meeting is scheduled with Bernville Council & Mayor for July 9, 2012 at 7:30PM.  Council would like Mr. Balistrieri to contact North Heidelberg to see if they are interested in discussing the joint police venture.  If anyone has any questions they would like addressed please have them reading before the next meeting.   Question by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy in regards to noise occurring at a neighboring property.   Motion to adjourn by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hays.  With no further business before Council, this meeting adjourned at 9:10PM.   Respectfully Submitted,     Mickey Balistrieri Secretary      




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