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Minutes: August 21 2012


August 21 2012


WOMELSDORF BOROUGH COUNCIL WORKSHOP MEETING Held at 101 W. High Street on August 21, 2012 Council President Vince Balistrieri called the meeting to order at 7:04 P.M.   PRESENT Council Members: Carl Liptak, Connie Keller-Sheffy, Kyle Hamilton, Wynn Herbine and Vince Balistrieri, Police Chief – John Reber, Acting Secretary – Nan Feeg.   ABSENT Vickie Madden, Jack Hays, Mayor – Jennifer Gettle.   GUESTS Residents: Mary Ann Heckard and Bob Neiswender.   COMMUNICATIONS A list of communications was given to Council Members, two requiring action. DJ Contract: After a discussion regarding the number of contracts already signed for this year, motion moved by Mr. Hamilton, seconded by Mr. Herbine to approve the contract in the amount of $300.00 for Dave Kaley to provide DJ services for the end of year party at the pool on September 3, 2012.  Motion carried unanimously. Conrad Weiser Music Association Request: After a discussion, Council agreed not to advertise in their programs.   Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy to approve the list of bills to be paid as presented.  Discussion followed regarding the commercial ceiling fan bill for out at the sewer plant and the potties for National Night Out.  Council agreed we will not need the potties next year.  Chief Reber announced that $1005.90 was taken in and there were bills in the amount of $1072.72.  Motion carried unanimously.   Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy to approve the bill to be ratified as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.   Impeller – Mr. Liptak presented quotes for a new impeller blade for the leaf collector, with the cheapest being from ODV at the price of $775.00 plus freight.  The next quote was $1200.00 plus freight.  Discussion followed.  Motion moved by Mr. Liptak, seconded by Mr. Herbine to purchase the impeller from ODV at their quoted price of $775.00 plus freight.  Motion carried unanimously.  Mr. Liptak will forward the quotes to the Borough Office.                                                                                     MR. LIPTAK Boy Scouts Electronic Collection – Mr. Liptak asked permission for the Boy Scouts to hold an electronics collection coinciding with the Borough’s Fall Clean-up on September 13-15 at the pool and Council agreed.  He also stated that Doug and Jack are in the process of getting quotes for dumpsters for clean-up.   Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mr. Liptak to pay payroll between meetings.  Motion carried unanimously. MRS. SHEFFY Nothing to report.   MRS. MADDEN Absent.   MR. HAMILTON Ball Field Alarm – Mr. Hamilton informed Council he fixed the alarm up at the ball field; however, there are still some issues, which he needs to discuss with Bob Martin.   Website – Mr. Hamilton stated that the school changed its web address, so he updated it on our website.  Concerns regarding the water run-off from the school followed.   MR. HAYS Absent.   MR. HERBINE Road Work – Mr. Herbine stated the road work for this year has been completed and he is happy that it has been completed before September.   2011 Recycling Grant – Mr. Herbine announced that he has completed and has mailed the Recycling Grant.   Water Run-off at School – Mr. Herbine expressed his concerns regarding the water run-off at the school following the recent rain.   Summer Maintenance – Mr. Herbine announced he checked and he is going to let Rick work until the end of this month.   Line Painting – Mr. Herbine stated that the painting of the double yellow line on High Street was not part of the street work contract.  Mr. Liptak will contact the maintenance department to have this done as well as the crosswalks.  In hindsight, Mr. Herbine wishes he would have done High Street from Third to Fourth Street as well as the piece from the end of the parking lot to Pine Street.   MAYOR Absent.   CHIEF REBER Police Interviews – Chief Reber requested that the Police and/or Personnel Committees conduct interviews for potential police candidates and Council agreed on Thursday, August 30, 2012, starting at 7:00 P.M.  Chief Reber has four or five candidates he would like interviewed.  Mr. Hamilton will notify the committee members and the Mayor.   CITIZENS TO BE HEARD None.   MR. BALISTRIERI Stop Sign Amended Ordinance – Council reviewed copies of the proposed amended ordinance.  Discussion followed regarding the name of Cherry Drive versus Cherry Alley.  Mr. Liptak stated that he heard from Mr. Hays that he has some differences he would like to discuss.  Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy to advertise the stop sign amended ordinance pending the Cherry Drive and Cherry Alley descriptions.  Motion carried unanimously.   New Borough Codes – Discussion followed regarding how many Borough Code books to order at $15.00 a copy versus scanning and/or downloading the information for the website.  Motion moved by Mr. Liptak, seconded by Mr. Herbine to order ten (10) hard copies of the new Borough Code book at $15.00 each.  Motion carried unanimously.  Mr. Hamilton will also make discs for any Council member that wants one and will post it on the website.   Trick or Treat Night – Due to the Mayor’s absence, Council agreed that Trick or Treat Night will be Wednesday, October 31, 2012, from 6-8 PM as listed in the 250th Anniversary Booklet.  This date will also be included in the Newsletter.  It was noted that because of the Anniversary Parade in October, the Community Organization will not be having a Halloween Parade.   Newsletter: Mr. Balistrieri suggested Mr. Herbine contact “The Fishwrapper” for a quote regarding printing of the Newsletter, so he agreed to check it out.   Electricity – Mr. Balistrieri announced he did some more shopping for electricity because our price went up to 8.3 cents per kWh.  After contacting several places, the best he found was from Direct Energy with a price of 7.05 cents per kWh for a one-year contract and 7.43 cents per kWh for a two-year contract.  Discussion followed regarding electricity contracts.  Motion moved by Mr. Liptak, seconded by Mr. Herbine to sign a one-year contract with Direct Energy at the price of 7.05 cents per kWh.  Motion carried unanimously.   Sewer Plant – Mr. Balistrieri informed Council that as of last Tuesday, of the $256,000.00 in outstanding bills, they are expecting a reimbursement check in the next few weeks in the amount of $156,000.00, leaving $100,000.00 in flood-related bills that the Sewer Authority must cover. They are looking to drain the one SBR in September or October and then sometime next year they will do the other one.  It is a big project and requires coordination of several other firms.  The Sewer Authority engineer is also checking on the start of a sinkhole in Summit View.   NEW BUSINESS Council Room Air Conditioner – The old air conditioner in the Council Room is leaking again due to the corrosion, according to the Maintenance Department, so it may need to be replaced in the future. Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 P.M.  Motion carried unanimously.   Minutes Respectfully Submitted,   Nan Feeg/Acting Secretary  




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