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Minutes: July 3 2012


July 3 2012


WOMELSDORF BOROUGH COUNCIL MEETING Held at 101 W. High Street on July 3, 2012   This meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Council President Vince Balistrieri, beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance.   PRESENT Council Members-Carl Liptak, Connie Keller-Sheffy, Vickie Madden, Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine and Vince Balistrieri; Mayor-Jen Gettle, Engineer-Jamie Motley, Solicitor-Eden Bucher, Police Chief-John Reber, and Secretary-Mickey Balistrieri   GUESTS Bob Neiswender, Peter Groff, and Mike Wagner-reporter   Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Liptak to accept the June 19, 2012 Workshop Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.    Motion by Mrs. Madden, second by Mr. Herbine to accept the list of bills to be paid, with two additions; Berks Copy Tech Inc. for $279.99 and Association of Mayor’s for $55.00 bringing the total bills to $49,411.06.  Motion carried unanimously. Mrs. Madden would like the pool manager to provide a wish list when items are needed for the pool; Mrs. Madden will review the list and shop for the items that are approved.   Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mrs. Madden to accept the bills to be ratified.  Motion carried unanimously.   Motion by Mr. Liptak, second by Mr. Herbine to pay payroll between meetings.  Motion carried unanimously.   COMMUNICATIONS A list of communications was given to Council Members.  Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to authorize Mr. Motley to handle the letter from the Department of Labor & Industry pertaining to the Library’s boiler.  Motion carried unanimously.   CITIZENS TO BE HEARD-None   OLD BUSINESS-None   SOLICITOR System User Agreement-Solicitor Bucher reported that she would like a notice to be issued before radios would go dark.  This is a public safety issue.  Question on training requirements.         ENGINEER Berks County Comprehensive Plan-Mr. Motley reviewed the Plan and reported that the maps don’t take the Ballfield into consideration, they have it as future development.  The flag factory is shown as future development, but the boot factory is not.  Portions of Marion and Heidelberg are shown as coming into the Borough’s sewer system. Mr. Motley will check into these items.   2012 Street Work-Mr. Motley met with Burkholder Paving, the parking lot and Linden Alley will be prepped on Thursday with paving on Friday.  Mr. Herbine and Mr. Motley met with Martin Paving for the High Street project; they are proposing that rather than doing the milling, they would like to use a paving fabric.  They would delete the milling and use Petromat for structural stability to the road.  Council requested that Mr. Motley talk to Charlie Paris for approval before making this change to stay in compliance with Liquid Fuels requirements.   Squire Hill-Mr. Motley reported that Squire Hill developers are interested in continuing with sub-division plans.   Mr. Herbine reported that he does not like the narrow intersection at Third Street and Cherry; the curb is out of alignment. Mr. Motley will take a look at it.  Discussion on the school’s approved plan and the decision not to require the alley to be widened.  Council is considering returning Cherry Drive to two-way traffic from Third Street to Fourth Street.   Mill Spring Restroom-Mr. Motley will provide a list of the accessories that are needed for the handicap accessible restroom.   MAYOR National Night Out-Chief Reber reported he is making progress with National Night Out.   250th Anniversary-Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to authorize Mayor Gettle to order 100 navy cinch sack bags imprinted in gold with the Borough’s coat of arms at a cost of up to $300.00.  Council would like to give them to the visitors coming from Germany. Motion carried unanimously.   MR. LIPTAK Recycling bins-Mr. Liptak reported that he is working on recycling bins for the pool.  Mr. Hays reported that there are eight grey and eight blue cans at the ballfield, but the teams are not recycling.  Wording will be added to encourage recycling.   MRS. KELLER-SHEFFY Rec Committee-Mrs. Keller-Sheffy reported that she and Vickie are meeting with Cindy Hopple to discuss the Old Fashioned Picnic scheduled for July 28th.  Council will be updated at the workshop meeting.   MRS. MADDEN Pool Overtime-Mrs. Madden reported that the overtime hours for lifeguards and management was being discussed.   Overgrown trees-Mrs. Madden reported overgrown trees hanging over Mulberry Alley.   MR. HAMILTON 250TH Anniversary-Mr. Hamilton read a Thank You note from Mrs. Hopple for the 250th Anniversary Ice Cream Social that was held at the Pool.     Pool-Mr. Hamilton reported that he received a request for two small resin tables.   Snack Bar-Mr. Mumma would like a freezer set up in the common area.  Council did not agree to permit this; due to safety issues and the electrical expense.  Discussion on whether hours of operation are regulated within the lease.  The new sink is in.   DVR-Mr. Hamilton purchased a small DVR with a two year warrantee.  Mr. Hamilton reported that he could not find the ladder to get the new DVR installed at the ball field.  The DVR at Mill Spring captured the vandalism; an exhaust fan may be needed to protect the DVR.   MR. HAYS Maintenance-Mr. Hays reported that the maintenance building/salt shed has been painted. Mr. Hays has a list of maintenance projects.  Street sweeping will be occurring for the summer.   COG-Mr. Balistrieri asked if the COG held their meeting; they have not.  Mr. Balistrieri questioned the COG charging the municipalities when they have funds from the hauler.   MR. HERBINE Recycling Grant-Mr. Herbine reported that he received the 2011 Recycling Grant Application which is due in October.   MR. BALISTRIERI Letter of Resignation-Mr. Balistrieri read a letter of resignation from Sandra Milligan who is resigning from her position on the Library Board of Trustees.  Motion by Mr. Liptak, second by Mr. Hamilton to accept Mrs. Milligan’s resignation with regrets.  Motion carried unanimously.   School Tax Bill-Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mrs. Madden to pay the school tax bill in the amount of $64.39.  Motion carried unanimously.  Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hays to authorize the Solicitor to apply for non-exemption status for the Borough’s new property at Pine Street.  Motion carried unanimously.   Sewer Authority-Flood Loss-Mr. Balistrieri reported that the Sewer Authority has received funds from FEMA in the amount of $442,439.00 and there is still an additional $304,487.00 expected.   WRJA Fire Hydrant Fee Increase-Council received a letter from WRJA’s engineer that the fire hydrant quarterly fee is being increased from $18.75 to $36.00 per hydrant.  The new rate will go into effect on January 1, 2013.  Council will attend the next Water Authority meeting to discuss this increase. The next meeting is scheduled for July 24th at 7:00PM.   Part-time Maintenance-Mr. Balistrieri recommended that if the Maintenance Committee is happy with the part-time maintenance employee and there is still more work to be done, that they should look at appropriating additional funds in that line item as it is nearing the budgeted amount.  Mr. Hays reported that additional maintenance is needed in the parks and at the pool.  Mrs. Madden suggested taking $1,000 from the Rec budget and $1,000 from the pool budget to cover the maintenance in those areas.   Resident Peter Groff reported that residents at 109 S. Front Street are putting food out for feral cats which is creating a cat nuisance.  Mr. Motley will have Mr. Mohn address this issue.   Motion by Mrs. Madden, second by Mr. Liptak to adjourn the meeting.  With no further business before Council, this meeting adjourned at 8:30PM.     Respectfully Submitted,       Mickey Balistrieri Secretary                            




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