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Minutes: January 2 2013


January 2 2013


Womelsdorf Borough Council Meeting

Held at 101 W. High Street on

January 2, 2013


This meeting was called to order by Council President Vince Balistrieri at 7:00PM, beginning

with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Council Members: Carl Liptak, Vickie Madden, Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine and Vince Balistrieri; Mayor-Jen Gettle, Solicitor-Eden Bucher, Esq., Engineer-Jamie Motley,

Police Chief-John Reber, and Secretary-Mickey Balistrieri


ABSENT-Connie Keller-Sheffy


GUESTS-None Present


Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to accept the December 4, 2012 Council Meeting

Minutes as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to accept the December 18, 2012 Council Workshop Minutes as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Liptak to accept the list of bills to be paid, in the amount

of $40,268.89.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mrs. Madden to accept the bills to be ratified. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to pay payroll between meetings.  Motion carried unanimously.



Council received a list of communications, with the following action taken:

Berks County Planning Commission-Invitation to become a member of the Countywide Board of Appeals at a cost of $200.00. No action was taken.

Conrad Weiser School district-Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mrs. Madden to donate $50.00 to the Senior Class Commencement Party. All were in favor, with Carl Liptak Abstaining, due to having a Senior this year.

Building Code Official-Notification that Pat Motley has been replaced as Building Code Official.

Allen Madeira is the Building Code Official; this information has been forwarded to the PA Department of Labor and Industry.

Squire Hill Subdivision-Preliminary Subdivision Plan-Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mrs. Madden to grant an additional extension of one hundred and twenty days to take action on the

Squire Hill Preliminary Subdivision Plan.  The new expiration date will be May 2, 2013.

Motion carried unanimously. 



COG-By Laws-Solicitor Bucher reported she received a request from the Solicitor of the COG for the Borough’s signed copy of the Council of Governments revised By-Laws and Articles of Agreement.  Mr. Hays will be attending the January 3, 2013 COG Meeting and will take the paperwork with him.



C.W. West-Mr. Motley reported that C.W. West is in a holding pattern until the weather gets better to make those changes.


R C L Electronics-Mr. Motley reported that RCL is working in the building; nothing is being done as far as renovations, the property has not changed hands. Mr. Hays reported that he is receiving complaints from neighbors about pit bulls running around on the neighbor’s property.

Chief Reber suggested that the neighbor provide information for him to follow up on their complaint.


Valley Forge Flag Factory-Mr. Balistrieri reported that John F. Martin purchased the old flag factory and will soon be applying for permits for their meat processing plant.


Lot 4-Mr. Balistrieri reported that Lot 4 has been purchased, but he hasn’t talked to the new owner to see what his plans are for the property.



250TH Anniversary Committee-Mayor Gettle reported that Congressman Holden presented the

Anniversary Committee with a U.S. Flag that flew over the Capitol.  On behalf of the Committee, Mayor Gettle presented it to Council. Discussion on needing a state flag.


Snow Emergency-Mayor Gettle reported that she declared a snow emergency on Saturday; but did not have the cars ticketed or towed due to channel 69 not airing the snow emergency information.


Donation- Chief Reber reported that he received a donation from the Womelsdorf Rod & Gun in the amount of $1,000.  Chief Reber would like to use the donated funds for purchasing storage equipment for organizing the inside of the police vehicles. Mr. Balistrieri asked Chief Reber to bring back prices prior to purchasing the storage units.


MR. LIPTAK-No report at this time


MRS. KELLER-SHEFFY-Absent/Vacation



Use of facilities-The Rec Committee received Use of Facilities requests from the C.W. Soccer Association and Berkshire Baseball League for their 2013 seasons.


Borough Closings-Mrs. Madden provided copies of the proposed closings of the Borough Hall for 2013. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 21st, President’s Day - February 18th, Good Friday-March 29th, Primary Election – May 21st, Memorial Day – May 27th, July 4th, Labor Day-Sept. 2nd, Columbus Day – October 14th, Election Day – Nov. 5th, Veteran’s Day – Nov. 11th,

Thanksgiving – Nov. 28 & 29, Dec. 24th – Close at Noon, Christmas-Dec. 25th, Dec. 31st Close at Noon, New Years – Jan. 1st 2014. There are (6) six proposed closing dates that are not paid Holidays. Motion by Mrs. Madden to approve these closings, second by Mr. Liptak. Discussion that the girls are permitted to use personnel, sick or vacation time for office closings when it is not a paid holiday; and permitting them to work if they have a problem with the closing. Motion carried unanimously.



Baseball Usage- Mr. Hamilton expressed concerns if we will have new people using the facilities since D. Clouser has purchased a large complex. Mr. Balistrieri will be contacting Mr. Clouser about the soccer net and will discuss the field usage with him.  We have a schedule of their tournaments that was supplied with the Use of Facilities Application.


Snack Bar-Mr. Hamilton will contact Luke Mumma to sign the snack bar contract at the Workshop Meeting.


Photo ID’s-Mr. Hamilton is still looking into photo ID’s. 



Mirrors-Mr. Balistrieri is to check with Zinn’s insurance on the mirrors.


Price Quotes for pool doors-Mr. Hays reported that the cost for the doors have gone up since we purchased them last year.  Mr. Hays will obtain an additional quote; even though the Borough Code does not require it for purchases or contracts under $10,200. Solicitor Bucher reviewed the Borough Code Sec. 1402.



Handicap Ramps-Mr. Herbine reported that he doesn’t plan on doing any streets this year; but would like to install handicap ramp on High Street from 4th Street to 6th Street; then they would be done from the West to the East end of High Street.  He proposes to do 13 ramps in all.  Discussion on the cost of the ramps; which Mr. Motley reported could possibly be $100,000.  Mr. Motley suggested that Mr. Herbine decide how much he can spend and budget that amount each year until the ramps are completed.  Mr. Balistrieri reminded Mr. Herbine that he did not budget for the engineer’s fees for this project, and that the engineer’s fees cannot be paid from the Liquid Fuels Account.



Board Appointments: Mr. Balistrieri reported the following:

·         Library Board-Stacy Hamilton and Harriet Grimes would like replaced and there is a vacant seat.  Three appointments are needed.

·         Water Authority-Donald Schwartz would like to be reappointed.

·         Sewer Authority-Irv Tyson would like to be reappointed.

·         Planning Commission-Mr. Herbine reported that Russell Rissmiller would like reappointed.

Motion by Mr. Hamilton, second by Mr. Herbine to reappoint Russell Rissmiller for a Four Year Term on the Planning Commission. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mrs. Madden, second by Mr. Liptak to reappoint Irv Tyson for a Five Year Term on the Sewer Authority. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mrs. Madden, second by Mr. Hays to appoint Carl Liptak for a Five Year Term on the Water Authority.  Mr. Balistrieri called for a roll call vote.

            Mr. Liptak                   Abstain

            Mrs. Madden              Yes

            Mr. Hamilton              Yes

            Mr. Hays                     Yes

            Mr. Herbine                 Yes

            Mr. Balistrieri              Yes

Motion carried. Mr. Liptak reported he will step down from the Planning Commission to serve on the Water Authority.  Council will appoint someone to fulfill Mr. Liptak’s term on the Planning Commission.


Zoning Hearing Board-2 Members are needed; no one has been able to reach Chris Koch.


Promissory Notes-Motion by Mr. Liptak, second by Mr. Herbine to authorize signing the two Promissory Notes for radios for Newmanstown Ambulance Service for a total of $2,045.76.

Discussion on using the extra monies currently being paid to the COG as payment for these radios.  Mr. Hays will be attending the COG’s Reorganization Meeting tomorrow evening.



Dump Truck Repairs-Mr. Balistrieri reported that the oil pan on the big Dump Truck is extremely thin; Doug went to Midway and got a price quote of $1,260.00 and a second price quote from William Madden for $760.00. Mr. Madden will be fixing the truck this weekend.

Discussion on the service costs for the backhoe at Plasterers.  Doug is hoping to have them discount the bill; which came in at over $4,000.  They were asked to look at the problem, but were not given the okay to fix it; which they did.


Resolution #2013-01 – Wage Resolution per the 2013 Budget: Motion by Mrs. Madden, second by Mr. Hays to adopt Resolution #2013-01 stating the wage rates for 2013 as per the budget. Discussion and confirmation that the Resolution does contains a .15 cent per hour wage increase for a Sargent position. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mrs. Madden, second by Mr. Liptak to adjourn the meeting.  With no further business before Council, this meeting adjourned at 8:40PM.


Respectfully Submitted,



Mickey Balistrieri





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