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Minutes: October 1 2013


October 1 2013



Held at 101 W. High Street on

October 1, 2013


This meeting was called to order by Council President Vince Balistrieri at 7:05PM, beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Council Members-Connie Keller-Sheffy, Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine, and Vince Balistrieri; Solicitor-Allen Shollenberger, Esq., Engineer-Jamie Motley, Mayor-Jen Gettle, and

Secretary-Mickey Balistrieri


ABSENT-Carl Liptak and Vickie Madden


GUESTS-Karen Feick-Reading Eagle Report


Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to accept the September 3, 2013 Council Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Hamilton, second by Mr. Herbine to accept the September 17, 2013 Workshop Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hays to accept the list of bills to be paid in the amount of

$116, 664.91. Motion carried unanimously. We will not mail the check to Grainger until we check the size of the street mirror.


Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to pay payroll between meetings. Motion carried unanimously.



Resident-Bobbi Jo Clay, tenant at 21 S. Front Street; complaints with property maintenance issues at 19 S. Front Street has been addressed by Mr. Motley. Property owner is working towards resolving the problems.

Northvale Apartments Complaint-Mrs. Keller-Sheffy received a complaint regarding bedbugs at

Northvale Apartments.  Berks County Housing Authority is not addressing the issue. Mr. Motley

reported that under Section 309.1-Infestation; all structures shall be kept free from insect and rodent infestation. Mr. Motley will look into this matter and a Notice of Violation can be issued.



A list of communications was given to Council Members, three requesting action.

·         Animal Rescue League requesting a contract for service for $1,000. Request died for lack of a motion.

·         Berks County Commissioners-Breakfast Meeting with Municipal Government Officials

to be held on October 25, 2013. RSVP by October 14th. Mr. Balistrieri will attend.

·         Borough of Myerstown, requesting Womelsdorf Fire Police to provide support services within the Borough of Myerstown for November 30, 2013 for their Holiday Parade.

Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hays to approve the Fire Police support services

requested by Myerstown Borough if they wish to do so. Motion carried unanimously.



Sewer System Rules and Regulations-Solicitor Shollenberger reviewed this document and contacted John Muir with two comments. Page 2, first paragraph should read anywhere in this

Borough, (replacing the word Authority with Borough); Page 21 under Penalties, Falsifying Information, the Borough Code only allows for a 30 days Summary Offense so Solicitor Shollenberger has asked John Muir to review the fines. Mr. Balistrieri reported that he has requested changes on Page 20, Delinquent Account Procedure, to remove the 1% interest per month charge; and Page 21 under No. 2 we need to add “All fees associated with posting of the notice, termination and reconnection of service will be paid by the property owner”.

Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hamilton to advertise the ordinance for the Sewer System Rules and Regulations, for adoption at the October 15th Workshop Meeting. Motion carried unanimously.


Delinquent Trash Accounts-Motion by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy, second by Mr. Hays to authorize Solicitor Shollenberger to proceed with legal action on four accounts which are seriously delinquent.



Rental Licenses-Hearings have been scheduled for six non-compliant properties.


Mulberry Alley flooding-Mr. Motley handed out a diagram recommending replacing existing East box culvert, creating a new channel on North side of alley, and widening existing channel on North side of alley. The cheapest option would be to relocate the four garages.  Discussion

on applying for grants through DEP for Urban Stormwater Management and Stream Restoration.

Mr. Motley has contacted DEP to see if this project would qualify.  The grant application is available in May/June and awarded in Sept/Oct.


John F. Martin Project-is proceeding.


CW West-Stormwater Management-Mr. Motley had to regenerate the drawings. Discussion on the rain gardens and their purpose. 


Code Enforcement- Two Notices of Violations have been issued.



Property Maintenance-Mrs. Keller-Sheffy reported an E. High property that is storing furniture on the front sidewalk. Mr. Motley will address this complaint.



YMCA-Mr. Hamilton reported that the meeting with the “Y” was successful. They would like more communication with the maintenance crew. They provided a proposal for 2014 at a cost of

$56,000.  Motion by Mr. Hamilton, second by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy to accept the YMCA’s Management Service Proposal for the 2014 Swim Season at a cost of $56,000.  Motion carried unanimously. Mrs. Keller-Sheffy asked if they could offer an aquatic zumba class.


Letter to Council-Mr. Balistrieri read a letter from a pool member who complimented the Borough on the staff and cleanliness of the pool. She is looking forward to joining next year.


Membership Fees-Fees are to be discussed at the October Workshop Meeting.



Town Park-Mr. Hays reported that replacement parts are not available for the equipment at the Town Park.


Gas heat conversion-Mr. Hays reported that A.H. Moyer completed the pipe work today, and will install the burner when it comes in. Discussion on shopping for a good rate for gas service.


Mirrors-Mr. Hays reported that he is ordering two 18” mirrors and returning the 36” mirror.


Christmas Lights-Mr. Hays has asked the maintenance guys to start checking the bulbs to be sure that they work; he has 700 new bulbs on hand.


Fire Pits-Mr. Hays reported a situation on Pine Street where a fire pit was burning on the wooden deck. The ordinance we have permits cooking outdoors. Mr. Balistrieri suggested that Mr. Hays talk to the Fire Chief for distance information and an ordinance can be drafted.


Mr. Hays discussed his not being notified when an employee has taken off work at the treatment plant/maintenance dept. Discussion on the length of time that the part time summer maintenance worker will be needed yet.



Budget meeting-Mr. Herbine reported he scheduled a budget meeting for October 23rd at 9:00AM. Mr. Herbine will contact Mrs. Madden; he would like her to attend because he will not be on council next year to answer any budget questions. Budget wish lists due by Oct. 21st.



Executive Session-Mayor Gettle requested an Executive Session for Personnel reasons.



Zoning Hearing-Mr. Balistrieri reported a Zoning Hearing has been scheduled for Monday, October 7, 2013 at 6:30 for an applicant who wishes to have a beauty shop in her home.


Council went into Executive Session at 8:15PM and returned at 8:40PM with no action taken.


This meeting was recessed until Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:00PM for the purpose of taking to Officer Pontician.



Of October 1, 2013 Held on October 2, 2013



Council Members-Vickie Madden, Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine, and Vince Balistrieri; Mayor-Jen Gettle, Secretary-Mickey Balistrieri, and OIC John Pontician



Carl Liptak and Connie Keller-Sheffy


The October 1, 2013 Council Meeting was continued on October 2, 2013 beginning at 7:00PM.

Mr. Balistrieri reported that Council does not have an official written resignation/retirement letter from Chief Reber but Council would like to have some questions answered so that they can move forward quicker should they receive Chief Reber’s letter.


Mr. Balistrieri explained to Officer Pontician that this is not a formal job offer to him until they get an official resignation/retirement letter from the Chief.  A lengthy discussion continued on

various police department topics including; having a 24/7 police department with 188 hours of coverage budgeted for,  hiring more part-time officers to add more depth, motivating officers by providing good training opportunities, amount of transition time needed, ability to discipline, balancing work and family time, scheduling, healthcare coverage, and usage of the bikes. Officer Pontician reported having prior supervisory experience and a desire to have the opportunity to be offered the Chief of Police position.


Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hays to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously. This meeting adjourned at 9:27PM.



Respectfully submitted,




Mickey Balistrieri










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