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Minutes: November 6 2013


November 6 2013



Held at 101 West High Street on

November 6, 2013


This meeting was called to order by Council President Vince Balistrieri at 7:00PM beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance.



Council Members: Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine, and Connie Keller-Sheffy(7:35);

Solicitor-Eden Bucher, Esq., Engineer-Jamie Motley, Police Chief-John Reber, Secretary-Mickey Balistrieri



Carl Liptak, Vickie Madden



Cindy Hopple, OIC John Pontician


Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to accept the October 1, 2013 Council Meeting Minutes as presented. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to accept the October 15, 2013 Workshop Meeting Minutes as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hays to accept the list of bills to be paid as presented, totaling $57,485.62. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mr. Hays to accept the bills to be ratified totaling $2,004.95.

Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to pay payroll between meetings.  Motion carried unanimously.



A list of communications was given to Council Members; one requesting action.  Motion by

Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to donate $250.00 to Berks County Crime Alert as requested by District Attorney John Adams. Motion carried unanimously.



Cindy Hopple-New Year’s Eve fireworks: Mrs. Hopple requested the closing of Front Street from High Street to the Cemetery. A food tent will be placed in the parking lot. No Parking to

be posted on Monday, Dec. 30th to be effective starting at 3:00PM Tuesday the 31st. Discussion on taking down the 250th Anniversary Banners when the Christmas lights are put up. Mrs. Hopple said she will take care of distributing the banners. Mrs. Hopple reported that she has talked to the VFW about the Community Association and the VFW looking at new banners, the Home Town Heroes type with pictures of Womelsdorf people who served in the service. Mr. Herbine reported that he got a price to replace the thirty original banners. Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to close Front Street for New Year’s Eve festivities. Motion carried unanimously.



Delinquent Trash Accounts: Solicitor Bucher reported that hearings are scheduled for November 19th at 10:45AM for five delinquent trash accounts. The hearing for the rental property appeal has not been scheduled yet.



E. High/Mulberry Alley Flooding: Mr. Motley will be meeting with DEP’s permits division in March.


John F. Martin Project; This project is moving along, they are scheduled to start the water line next Monday. Mr. Motley was contacted in regards to the grease traps. Motley, as Code Officials, deferred to Entech, the Sewer Authority’s engineer.


C.W. West-Stormwater Management: Mr. Motley reported that he has to do some modifications on the outlet, the Conservation District wants more plants in the pond.


Code Enforcement:  Mr. Motley reported that the home with the flea problem has had the fleas exterminated. It will receive another treatment in thirty days. Mr. Motley has been in touch with Berks County Housing Authority in regards to the bed bug situation that had been reported. They forwarded all the invoices and information on how the apartments are being treated and how the tenants are being educated on the process to rid the apartments of bed bugs.



C.W. West-School Walkers: Mr. Hamilton did not receive information from the elementary school in regards to the walking program. Chief Reber received the report and will forward the email to Mr. Hamilton.


Swim Team: Mr. Hamilton reported that he had a meeting with John Claus, who will be the new swim team coach next year.


YMCA:  Mr. Balistrieri signed the contract for the 2014 season. Mr. Hamilton will take the signed contract to the YMCA. Discussion on swim lesson fees. Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to charge $40.00 for swim lessons. $10.00 for the Borough and $30.00 for the “Y”.

Motion carried unanimously.


Scanner: Mr. Hamilton will connect the printer/scanner and it can be networked when the networking is repaired. Mr. Balistrieri updated Council on the computer problems and reported that he will meet with Jason Rhoades on Saturday so he can continue to work on the computers. Jason is only available on nights and weekends. Discussion on finding an I.T. person whose has greater availability for future needs.





Police Department-lights:  Mr. Hays reported that he would like to replace the lights in the police room with T 28 energy efficient lighting. He wants to use our guys to do the work. It will cost between $600-$700 for the twelve light fixtures, which can be taken from the police vehicle fuel budget. Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Hamilton to purchase twelve light fixtures at a cost not to exceed $700.00. Motion carried unanimously.


Recycling: Mr. Hays asked Solicitor Bucher for her opinion on the recycling fee issues going on recently. We do not charge a fee for recycling in our Borough, therefore we do not have an issue.


F-550 Dump/tires: Mr. Hays reported that the F-550 Dump truck needs two tires on the left rear. Quotes are Myerstown Custom Exhaust Shop-recaps @ $176.90, plus $20.00 each for mounting;

Temple Tire-recaps $179.00, includes mounting; and Temple Tire (New tires) $285.00 high grade and $200.00 lower grade, both include mounting. Motion by Mr. Herbine, second by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy to purchase (2) new tires from Temple Tire for $200.00 each. Motion carried unanimously.


Water trucks: Mr. Hays reported that water trucks are going down Jefferson Street from Water Street to Second Street. These trucks have red cabs and Bowman written on the sides. Mr. Balistrieri will contact Bethany to see what is going on.


Mirrors: Mr. Hays asked everyone their thoughts on the placement of the mirrors. Council agreed that the bigger mirrors work well. Permission needs to be obtained from Penn DOT and PP&L.

Mr. Balistrieri reported that he talked to Alan Piper in regards to returning the green turn arrow at the intersection of Rt. 419 and Rt. 422.  Discussion on the old lights that were stored; Mr. Hays will check to see if they are still in the garage.



Handicap parking sign: Mr. Herbine reported that he authorized a handicap parking sign for a resident on High Street whose leg was amputated.


2014 Budget:  Mr. Herbine reported that everyone received a copy of the proposed budget to review, but he would like to point out the following items: he included $3,225 in the budget to purchase 30 new banners; and those employees who received a raise last year, will not receive one this year; $6,000 was placed in the police budget and maintenance budget for vehicles, and also $11,000 as was requested from the Sewer Authority for a truck. Tax millage is increased by .5 mills. Our tax rate will increase from 2.8 mills to 3.3 mills; plus .1 mill each for the library and fire company, bringing the total tax to 3.5 mills for 2014. Motion by Mrs. Keller-Sheffy, second by Mr. Hays to advertise the proposed budget for adoption at the December 3, 2013 Council Meeting.



Library: Mrs. Keller Sheffy reported concerns with the parking lot lights at the library. The Friends of the Library has been dissolved.  Joanna Smith was hired as the new librarian, replacing Melanie who is moving to Michigan. The bump has not been installed to redirect the water in the parking lot. The library would like to know if they could go on the Borough’s alarm system. Melanie was given Tri County Security’s phone number. They would have to have their own system, there is no way to connect them to our building. Mrs. Keller Sheffy reported that Brian Fisher is a new Board Member. Council stated that Mr. Fisher was not appointed by the Borough and must be appointed to serve on the Board. Mrs. Keller Sheffy will check on the status of Mr. Fisher.



Police Vehicle: Mayor Gettle would like to purchase a vehicle for the police department.

A complete new vehicle would cost $30,000 - $40,000.  Discussion on whether a price was obtained for a leftover 2013 vehicle.


Pistols: Officer Pontician reported he has researched replacing our current service pistols with new pistols by using the $1,000 donation from the Rod and Gun, and trading in our current pistols. The new service pistols will use the same ammunition. By trading in the current pistols, we will be able to purchase the new pistols and the holsters for them, giving us ten to fifteen years before we have to purchase firearms again. Motion by Mr. Hamilton, second by Mr. Hays to purchase seven new pistols at a cost of $653.00 with trade ins. Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Hays rescinded their motion so that the holsters would be considered as a part of the motion. The new motion is as follows: Motion by Mrs. Keller Sheffy, second by Mr. Hays to authorize the purchase of seven pistols and holsters, at a cost of $1,175.00 with trading in the old pistols; using the $1,000.00 donation and $175.00 from the police uniform budget line. Motion carried unanimously. Mickey will check on the insurance costs.



Mayor’s/Borough’s Association: Mr. Balistrieri reported that the Berks County Mayor’s Association and Borough’s Association are merging into one organization. Each group will be voting on the new Bi-laws for the joint organization.


Radio Testing: Mr. Balistrieri reported that the County will be testing the radios in March to go live in the second quarter of 2014.   All of the towers but one are good to go. The seven year warranty starts once the radios go live.


State Transportation Tax bill: Mr. Balistrieri reported that they are proposing a new $100.00 fee on tickets and uncapping fuel tax to fund the transportation tax bill.



Resolution-Municipal Hazard Mitigation Plan Adoption: Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to adopt Resolution #2013-03 to adopt the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Plan Update for Womelsdorf Borough. Motion carried unanimously.


Council went into Executive Session for Personnel Reasons at 8:40PM.  Council returned from

Executive Session at 8:53 with the following action: Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mrs. Keller Sheffy to authorize Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Hays, Mr. Balistrieri and Mayor Gettle to meet with Officer Pontician to discuss his future status. Motion carried unanimously. This Committee and Officer Pontician agreed to meet on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 7:00PM.


With no further business brought before Council, Motion by Mr. Hays, second by Mr. Herbine to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.



Respectfully Submitted,




Mickey Balistrieri








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