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Minutes: March 20 2012 Minutes


March 20 2012 Minutes



Held at 101 W. High Street on

March 20, 2012


Council President Vince Balistrieri called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.



Council Members: Carl Liptak, Connie Sheffy (7:04 PM), Kyle Hamilton, Jack Hays, Wynn Herbine and Vince Balistrieri, Engineer – Jamie Motley, Police Chief – John Reber, Acting Secretary – Nan Feeg.



Council Member Vickie Madden and Mayor Jennifer Gettle.



Luke Mumma and Bob Neiswender (7:08 PM).


Snack Bar Lease: After Council’s review of the lease agreement between the Borough and Mr. Luke Mumma for the Pool Snack Bar, with only the dates and the fee changed from last year, Mr. Mumma and Mr. Balistrieri signed the lease agreement.  Mr. Mumma discussed with Council about letting outside food into the pool area, so Council will discuss this with the Managers about limiting it to handheld coolers only. 



Bethany Children’s Home Water Project Agreement: Mr. Motley went over with Council the conference call he had with Bethany to discuss South Water Street and how to address the resurfacing of it.  He explained that the 953 feet of roadway will be divided into two parts; the first 100 feet from High Street and then the remaining 853 feet and the formulas that will be used in calculating how the costs will be split with Bethany.  The first 100 feet will need to be resurfaced this year and will need to be included with this year’s road work as a separate contract, with the costs shared by Bethany.  It will be the Borough Engineer who will decide in the future when the road needs repair.  Street closings were also discussed and Council was informed that we no longer need to provide them with an alternate route if Water Street is closed; we just have to give them ample time so they can adjust their hauling schedule.  Mr. Motley stated they do not have a problem putting up some sort of an escalator for the bond.  The agreement will be rewritten for the April Borough Council Meeting.   Discussion followed on Womelsdorf being the secondary route, with Newmanstown being the primary route.  Council was informed there will be a maximum of six test hauls between now and April 1 and they anticipating starting on June 1. 


Bills to be Paid: Mr. Balistrieri informed Council that Mrs. Balistrieri wants to make sure that E.M. Kutz (Bill #8) has all the necessary paperwork so that it qualifies for liquid fuels before paying bill # 8 for the snow plow out of liquid fuels.  Mr. Balistrieri explained that E.M. Kutz should have all the paperwork showing the competitive bids and that they are the lowest price since they are state contract, but Mrs. Balistrieri wants this verified before paying bill #8 from liquid fuels, so she will check with them.  Motion moved by Mrs. Sheffy, seconded by Mr. Herbine to approve the list of bills to be paid as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mr. Hamilton to pay payroll between meetings.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mr. Hays to accept the list of bills to be ratified as presented.  Motion carried unanimously.



A list of communications was given to Council Members, three requiring action.

Animal Rescue League: After a discussion, Council asked the Chief to check if we could pay a usage fee instead of paying the contract fee of $1,000.00 so this was tabled until the April Borough Council Meeting.

Sponsoring of Conrad Weiser Renaissance Program:  After a discussion, motion moved by Mr. Hamilton, seconded by Mr. Liptak to offer the following discounts for walk-in fees at the pool:

$3.00 off the regular walk-in price for gold card holders, $2.00 off the regular walk-in price for blue card holders, and $1.00 off the regular walk in price for white card holders.  Motion carried unanimously.

Donation Request From Big 33 Cheerleaders: After a discussion, Council decided against donating to this.



Pool Valves: Mr. Liptak would like to discuss with Doug before deciding on the valve, but he is leaning towards the $600.00 one. It was noted that it has already been approved to spend up to $1600.00.


Maintenance: Mr. Liptak wants to go over the project list with Doug. 


Summer Maintenance Position: After a discussion, it was agreed by Council that the Maintenance Committee, one member of the Personnel Committee and Doug will conduct interviews on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, with five of the applicants for the summer maintenance position so that one can be hired at the April Borough Council Meeting.



Rec. Board: Mrs. Sheffy informed Council that not enough members of the Rec. Board are showing for the Rec. Board meetings other than Mrs. Sheffy and Mrs. Hamilton, who, according to Mrs. Sheffy has been doing an excellent job, so they do not even have a quorum.  Discussion followed.  Concerns regarding the already scheduled events for this year (picnic in the park in July and car show in September) were discussed.  Motion moved by Mrs. Sheffy, seconded by Mr. Hamilton to disband the Rec. Board and create a committee of Borough Council Members.  Motion carried unanimously.  Council President Balistrieri appointed the following members to the Rec. Committee: Mrs. Sheffy, Mrs. Madden and himself.  Council agreed to honor the commitment to the picnic in the park and to only sponsor the music for the car show in September (no food) for this year only, so Mrs. Keller Sheffy will send letters to the proper people notifying them of this and that this will be the last year of their involvement since there is no more Rec. Board.  It was suggested that Mrs. Sheffy and Mrs. Madden contact Mrs. Hamilton and Mrs. Richards to see if they will stay involved to help with July’s Picnic.  Council agreed that after this year, the committee will not commit to anything except approving the use of facilities and if the committee sees things in the parks that need repair, they are to contact the Maintenance Committee.  Discussion followed on athletic field use, light usage and fees as well as meters for the lights at the ball field.  The Rec. Committee will review the fee schedule for 2013 and Mr. Hays and Mr. Liptak will look into meters for the light usage. 



Lifeguards: Motion moved by Mr. Liptak, seconded by Mr. Hamilton granting permission to hire the following lifeguards pending their certifications: 1st year guards at $7.50 hr. – Kirstin Lebo, Maddie Bunnell, Anthony Nigrelli, Sam Palm and Brianna Miller and returning guards at $8.00 hr. – Jason Hauer and Alysha Miller.  Motion carried with Mr. Hays abstaining.


Pool Admissions: Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mr. Hays to approve the hiring of the following for pool admissions: Chelsea Staskiewicz, Mandee Madden, Sarah Sheffy, and Rebecca Lutz.  Motion carried with Mr. Liptak and Mrs. Sheffy abstaining.


Assistant Manager: Council agreed the committee should interview for assistant manager, which could then be hired at the April Borough Council Meeting.


Park Cameras: At Council’s request, Mr. Hamilton will look into getting cameras for the parks.  Discussion followed on the vandalism and improper behavior/language that is occurring in the Borough Parks and the police patrolling and installation of motion lights once the electric is done. 



Mill Spring Park Basketball Goals:  Mr. Hays reported that the backboards on the basketball court in Mill Spring Park are rusty and in need of repair.  Mr. Hays asked Doug to contact the company that he uses to do powder coating and he got an estimate of $80-$100 to do each backboard and the hoop.  Council agreed to have them repaired as well as using zip-ties for the bumpers on the poles.


Old Borough Garage: Mr. Hays had Horst look at the north wall and give his recommendation.  Mr. Horst gave a quote of $3572.00.  Discussion followed.   Mr. Hays will get two more quotes.  Motion moved by Mr. Hays, seconded by Mrs. Sheffy to spend up to $3572.00 on the old building.  Motion carried unanimously.


Insurance Surplus Distribution Check – Mr. Hays informed Council that the Borough received a surplus distribution check for 2011 from our Benecon Insurance program in the amount of $9054.00, which is only 50%.


Recycle Container Program: Mr. Hays informed Council that four tractor trailer truck loads of 65-gallon containers have been delivered; however, they were delivered with the wrong wheels (plastic instead of rubber).  The rubber wheels have now arrived; however, some of the containers already have the plastic wheels on them.  Because Kreitzer Sanitation having issues with other municipalities using the containers for trash instead of recycling, they are requesting that a flyer be put with every container reminding them that it is a recycle can and not a trash can.  Because of these issues, the COG will reimburse the municipalities for the additional expenses which include the printing of these flyers, which are about 950 for Womelsdorf and the additional manpower to deliver these containers.  According to Mr. Hays, the recycle containers are Kreitzer’s responsibility and any issues concerning the containers are between Kreitzer and the residents.



Handicap Ramps: Mr. Herbine reminded Council that Handicap ramps will have to be put in up on High Street when we resurface the street.



Audit Report: Mr. Balistrieri stated all Council Members have received the audit from last year.


250th Anniversary Kum Wunnerfitz: After a discussion, Council agreed to have the Borough Hall open with refreshments available and the Pool open on May 19 from 10-4, with Council Members serving one-hour shifts at the Borough Hall and the Pool Manager and some staff at the pool.


Land Development Course: Mr. Balistrieri shared with Council a training class that is available and is good for Planning Commissions.  The course is on May 3, 10 and 17 from 6:30 – 9:30 at a cost of $110.00 per person.  Motion moved by Mrs. Sheffy, seconded by Mr. Hays for the Borough to pay up to $330.00 for up to three members of the Planning Commission to attend this course.    Motion carried unanimously.  Mr. Liptak will contact Planning Commission Members Mr. Rissmiller and Mr. Meredith.  Deadline to register is April 25.



County Radios: Chief Reber informed Council that he was just informed that the Radio Committee from the County is going to be forwarding a simpler explanation/agreement, showing what you are going to get and what it is going to cost.



Credit/Debit Card System: Mr. Balistrieri reported back to Council that he talked with Fulton Bank and our Auditor.  Fulton Bank stated that it is possible for one machine to go to two accounts; however, you have to pay for two accounts, which would be $60 per month.  The Auditor suggests having one separate master account to be used as the holding account and then transfer out of that account to the proper accounts.  Several Council Members expressed their concerns including the extra work for Mrs. Balistrieri.  Cards will only be allowed to be used for in-person transactions, according to Mr. Balistrieri.  Discussion followed on a service fee that would be charged to residents using this service as well as the possibility of a code system to allocate the funds.  Council agreed that if this can be set up so it does not put a tremendous burden on the girls and these things can be separated, and it is a convenience for our citizens, then they do not have a problem with it.  The Sewer Authority has agreed to pay for half of this service. For the April Borough Council Meeting Mr. Balistrieri will check if there is a program that is more user friendly for the girls.


Police Merger:  According to Mr. Balistrieri, Bernville is still interested in talking if we are and requested a meeting with our Police Committee on Tuesday, March 27 at 8:15 P.M. in Bernville.  Discussion followed.  Council agreed we should meet and discuss again. 


Squire Hill Development:  Mr. Balistrieri informed Council that plans have been submitted for 20 homes in Squire Hill and the Planning Commission will be meeting for Squire Hill the third Monday in April. 


Motion moved by Mr. Herbine, seconded by Mr. Hays to adjourn.  With no further business to be brought before Council, the meeting adjourned at 9:50 P.M. 


Minutes Respectfully Submitted,



Nan Feeg

Acting Secretary




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