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Connie Keller-Sheffy
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Mrs. Keller-Sheffey's family moved from Lebanon, Pa. to Womelsdorf in 1959, to take over her Uncle's sandwich shop which is presently the "Solid Rock Cafe" just up from the corner of Second and High Sts.  At that time she thought the move to Womelsdorf was the end of the world as compared to Lebanon, where she could go to any of a number of playgrounds, movie theaters, and shopping.  Her mother bribed her by telling her she could drive to Lebanon and see her old friends when she turned 16.  

   As life goes, she made new friends, lifelong friends, and didn't really care to move away from Womelsdorf.  And, over the years, she was proud of her little town and glad that she no longer lived in the city and was happy to visit old friends and return home.  She did her stint at Conrad Weiser High School, getting sent to the office and into the hallways many times for guess what?  TALKING TOO MUCH!  She styled hair for her friends for 50 cents a pop, but had no desire to be a stylist.  Instead, she took the state civil service exam and became a clerk stenographer at the Wernersville State Hospital in the Psychology Dept. for 5 1/2 years. 
   Just to keep out of trouble, she attended the Bryland Institute of Beauty Culture at night for 3 1/2  years.  She then decided to leave the hospital and work full time in a shop in her home when she was expecting her first child, Christina, now 33.  She established the CW Area Junior Woman's Club in 1978.  The Club existed 8 to 10 years, and then everyone went back to work and the club disbanded.  It was about that time she was really paying attention to politics in the borough and being encouraged by her clients to go in and make a change.  They needed a female's point of view. 
   She ran and became the FIRST woman to serve on the Womelsdorf Borough Council in 1985.  She loved it!  She served on the Planning Commission, the Rec Board, and the Police Committee.  During her second term, due to personal problems, she sadly bowed out, and took a break from small town politics, but really missed it.  As she watched things changing from the sidelines, she slowly saw the esthetics of the borough going downhill.  The "pride" seemed to be disappearing.  The old guard was passing on, and with the new influx and developing in and around the borough, things just didn't seem to be as they had been in former years, so she made the decision to jump back in the race.  Her letter to each and every resident read and she quotes, "Friends who introduce me to their friends always say, you don't have to wonder what Connie's thinking.........she'll tell you!"  And she's always believed that, and will 'till the day she dies.......truth and honesty will always win out.  She has a quote by Martin Luther King pasted it to the front of her computer so she'll see it almost everyday........."The greatest sin of out time is not the few who have destroyed, but the vast majority who sat idly by."

   She loves her little town, and she knows what GOOD people we have here!  She's glad this is where she wound up and thanks God for the move!