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As all residents of Womelsdorf know, the fees for trash pickup increased dramatically for 2006.  The good news is that YOU CAN HELP!!!

The more you recycle, the lower your trash bill will be.  There are no guarantees that the fee will go down, but it is guaranteed that if you put your recycling items in the regular trash, the fees will continue to go up!!

Currently, the Borough does everything in it's power to make the recycling easy for you.  Each resident received a blue recycling trash bin.  This bin is to be used for RECYCLING ONLY.  This is not just a FREE trashcan!!!

Collection is every thursdayAll Borough residents are encouraged to recycle.  Material to be recycled shall be commingled glass, plastic and aluminum and placed in the blue recycling can.  At the same time, put all your newspapers and other paper into paper bags and put them out with your recycling cans.  You can also put cardboard in with your paper.  This includes cereal boxes, too!  Please be sure your recycling container has a lid on it to prevent recyclables from blowing in our Borough streets and do not place blue recycling cans curbside earlier than the night before scheduled pick-up.

If you don't want the cans piling up at your place, take them down to Boyer's periodically and drop them off in the Boy Scouts Recycling Bin.

The following items are acceptable for recycling pick-up:

This includes clear, green and brown glass.
· Remove all lids.
· Rinse out and drain. It is not necessary to remove labels.
Do not recycle dishes, light bulbs, drinking glasses, Pyrex, ceramics or window glass.
This includes aluminum, tin and bi-metal cans.
· Drain and crush to save space.
· No foil trays, scrap aluminum or foil.
This includes plastic identified #1 and #2 only.
· Remove all lids.
· Rinse out and drain. It is not necessary to remove labels.
· Crush to save space.
#1 and #2 plastics are identified on the bottom of the container with an arrowed triangle containing the 1 or 2. The initials PETE or HDPE are at the base of the triangle.
 Place right in the can
The Borough receives money from the state for all recycling that is done in the Borough.  This includes not only residents, but also the businesses that are within the borough limits.  Every time that you decide not to recycle, you are throwing money away.  The more we recycle, the more money we receive to make improvements to the Borough.  In 2003, the Borough received $3,029 from the state and received a check for $3,908 for the year 2004.  This is money that we can use to defray the cost of collections so that we can free up other money to do other important work within the Borough.  Please DO NOT put recyclable materials in with your regular garbage; this causes higher tonnage at the landfills and increases the cost of your trash bills.
PLEASE NOTE: Blue Recycling Cans are Property of Womelsdorf Borough.  If you sell your home, the blue recycling can is to REMAIN AT THE PROPERTY!!!