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Snow Removal
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When an excessive amount of snowfall is predicted, please move your vehicles from the Snow Emergency Routes. (Snow Emergency Routes are: all of High Street, South Second Street, North Third Street and the East side of North and South Front Streets.)  This will allow the road crew to clear the snow from curb to curb.  In the case of Snow Emergencies, ALL VEHICLES parked along the Snow Emergency Routes MUST be moved.  Snow Emergencies are announced via television channels 69 and 8, and radio stations Y-102, WIOV, WEEU and WLBR.  Vehicles found to be in violation of these regulations will be ticketed, and, if necessary, towed away in order to allow the plowing to take place.
If it is necessary for our Street Maintenance Employees to remove snow from the streets, temporary No Parking signs will be posted on the day before the snow removal is scheduled.  If your vehicles are not moved, they will be ticketed.
Park your vehicles on your properties (if you have the space) even if you are not on a snow emergency road. This will help make the job of clearing the snow easier, faster and eliminate the risk of damage to your vehicle.
The efforts to keep our streets open can only be accomplished if ALL citizens cooperate.  If you do not have available off-street parking at your homes when your street has been posted for no parking during sow emergencies, snow removal, street sweeping, etc., you may park your vehicles at the pool parking lot, West Jefferson Street and the north side of LJ's Fitness parking lot.  We suggest these areas to accomodate those vehicles in need of a temporary place to park while the Streets Crew does their best to keep our streets safe and free of snow and debris.
It is unlawful to throw snow into borough streets.
If you use a snow blower, adjust the chute to direct the snow onto your property.
Borough Ordinance also directs you to remove snow from your sidewalks within 24 hours after the snowfall.
The best time to clear your sidewalk or driveway is after the snowplow clears your street. This will eliminate the need to re-shovel.  Our crews do their level-best to try to keep from plowing your driveways shut, but in the case of heavy snows, there is no other way to clear the streets.
To help you the Borough Ordinance on Snow and Ice Removal is shown below:
Snow, Ice Removal
53 P.S. 46292(6)(7)
It shall be the duty of every person, corporation or association owning, leasing, or in any manner occupying any dwelling, tenement, store-house, garage, manufactory or other building or buildings, and of persons having the charge or superintendence of churches or public buildings of every description, and of owners of occupied houses, and of unimproved lots or real estate along which are sidewalks of any description used by the traveling public, in any public street or alley in the Borough of Womelsdorf, to remove or cause to be removed from the pavements in front of or along side premises, all snow or ice, hail or sleet within twenty-four (24) hours after the same have ceased to fall or be formed thereon.
(Ordinance No. 78-9, enacted October 24, 1978.)
Any person or persons violating any of the provisions of the Ordinance shall forfeit and pay a fine or penalty of not less than Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) nor more than Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00), to be recovered in the name and for the use of the Borough of Womelsdorf by summary conviction before a District Justice, in the manner in which fines and penalties are now by law collected, and in default of payment of the said fine and costs of prosecution, the District Justice may sentence the person so violating this Ordinance to undergo an imprisonment for a period of not less than ten (10) days nor more than sixty (60) days.
(Ordinance No. 78-9, enacted October 24, 1978.)