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Our maintenance workers will be making every effort to sweep the Borough streets so that we can enjoy a clean neighborhood.  Please assist our workers by sweeping your sidewalks free of cinders and debris.  If you would sweep the cinders into the street gutter, the street sweeper will clear it away.  All the major streets will be posted with "NO PARKING" signs the day before that street is to be swept.  Please watch for these "NO PARKING" signs and move your car from the posted side of the street!  It is absolutely necessary for you to move your parked vehicles to allow the street sweeper access.  The Police Department will issue tickets to those vehicles that remain parked in the "No Parking Zone."  If you plan to be away for any length of time and you must park a vehicle on a borough street, please contact the Police Department prior to your departure.  Your cooperation contributes to a clean environment for all our Borough residents.  Take pride in your community!
Check back on the home page regularly.  If I hear of when and where the cleaning will be taking place, I'll put up notices.