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The Communications Center has the following incoming voice lines:

  • 4 Borough Hall lines – 610-376-7481, 7482, 7483, 7484
  • 3 Police Department Lines – 610-375-6101, 6102, 6104
  • 9-1-1 Emergency Circuit
  • County Communications Centrex Circuit – ties all communications centers in Berks together.
  • Direct “ring-down” line with Berks County Radio

The dispatchers (and Police Secretary) can answer all of the phone lines.  The dispatchers are responsible for picking up the police lines, 9-1-1, and County-related lines.  The 9-1-1 number is the listed number for emergencies, and is initially answered by the Berks County Communications Center.  Calls for police service in the Borough are transferred to our 9-1-1 circuit.  Berks County Communications is able to identify a call as being in the Borough based on ANI/ALI information that is automatically displayed when a 9-1-1 call is received.  This same information is displayed in our dispatch center when the call is transferred.  The other County-related lines are provided to facilitate inter-communication between the various dispatchers.  All other police related calls, including alarm company calls are received on the police department lines.

During normal business hours, the Borough Hall secretaries answer the Borough Hall lines.  At other times, these lines are answered by the Police Dispatcher.  Most after hours call are related to water, sewer, or other utility emergencies, in which case the Police Dispatcher will notify the appropriate people.



The police and Borough communications system is currently comprised of 3 separate radio channels.  Each is licensed by the FCC, to the Borough. 

“BASE 1” – this is the common designation for the primary police dispatch frequency. This channel is a repeater channel.  The repeater frequency is on 151.190 Mhz.  The frequency is restricted to use by Wyomissing Police units, however West Reading, Shillington, and Spring Township police units carry this frequency in their radio to facilitate inter-operability.

“KGI” – this is the common designation for the Borough services frequency.  This is a “simplex channel” operating on 154.040 Mhz.  This frequency primarily serves the Borough public works departments, however it serves as an alternate frequency for police operations.  All Borough police, public works, and fire units share this frequency.  In addition, all local police agencies carry this frequency, as well as Western Berks Ambulance Association, the primary emergency medical services provider in the Borough.  This frequency is also licensed to Shillington Borough, but is only used by them for public works at this time. 

“679” & "Hills" – these channels are used as alternate police channels.  These frequencies strictly serve, and are only carried by, the police department as backup and tactical channels.  Use of this frequencies is limited at this time, however these could serve primary police operations frequency in the event of a major failure of any of the other frequencies.

"National" - The Wyomissing Police Department, through a special agreement with the PA State Police also operates a base on the National Law Enforcement Emergency Frequency, commonly referred to as "National".  This base allows communications with any law enforcement agency near or even travelling through the Borough.

"Reading PD Trunking Radio Interface" - The Wyomissing Police Department, through a special agreement with the Reading Police Department operates a radio on the City of Reading's 800 MHz radio system.  While this radio is primarily used to monitor activity that may have a potential impact on the Borough, it is also used to directly alert the Reading Police radio operators if a Wyomissing unit would need emergency assistance within the City limits.