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The Borough of Wyomissing Zoning Application/Appeal form can be downloaded from the web.  You will need Adobe Reader to view and print this document.
To download and print the form:  CLICK HERE
Basic information on Borough of Wyomissing Zoning procedures:
A. The Borough of Wyomissing Zoning Hearing Board has authority to decide applications for variances and special exceptions, appeals from determinations made by the Zoning Officer and challenges to the validity of the Borough of Wyomissing Zoning Ordinance and/or map.  The Board does not have the power to re-zone districts or to enforce zoning violations; Borough Council has this responsibility.
B. After the application, plans and $1000.00 application fee (made payable to the Borough of Wyomissing) have been accepted by the Borough of Wyomissing Zoning Officer, the Secretary of the Zoning Hearing Board will schedule a hearing within 60 days.  A notice of the hearing will be sent to adjoining landowners, will be advertised in the newspaper and will be posted on the property in question.  Zoning Hearing Board hearings are scheduled at Wyomissing Borough Hall on the third Tuesday of each month usually beginning at 3:00 P.M.
C. At the hearing formal rules of evidence do not apply.  However, the Board will listen only to relevant information about the application.  A stenographer will be present to record the testimony.
D. An applicant requesting a variance or special exception for a residential property or use is not required to have an attorney. ALL APPLICATIONS FOR COMMERCIAL USES OR COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES WILL REQUIRE THE APPLICANT TO HAVE LEGAL REPRESENTATION AT THE HEARING.   Neither the Board nor its attorney (solicitor) is allowed to give legal advice.  The Board cannot be questioned about the legal rules which apply to the application.  In addition, an applicant cannot come to the hearing and expect the Board to tell him or her what information is necessary.  The purpose of the hearing is for the Board to receive information and evidence from the applicant, nor the other way around.  The applicant has the burden of providing evidence to support the application.  If he or she fails to do so, the Board may deny the requested relief.
E. If the applicant applies for a variance, Section 902.D of the Borough of Wyomissing Zoning Ordinance should be consulted for the type of information which should be provided to the Board.  If the applicant applies for a special exception, Section 902.E of the Borough of Wyomissing Zoning Ordinance should be checked for the type of information which should be provided to the Board.  In both cases, detailed site plan requirements of the property as outlined on the attached application must be submitted with the application.
F. At the end of the hearing the Board will announce a decision either granting or denying the application.  A written decision will be sent to the applicant within 45 days of the last hearing.  An appeal from this decision may be filed with the Court of Common Pleas of Berks County.