Welcome to the County of Berks
Welcome to Berks County Jail System
ATTENTION: As of 1/21/19, the following changes will be effective regarding Inmate Mail:
General Guidelines
When sending personal correspondence to an inmate, please be sure to address the envelope as follows including the inmate's name and BCJS#:
Inmate Name – BCJS#_______
Berks County Jail System
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131
Providing all of this information will allow us to deliver the mail more efficiently. Any mail received with an illegible, partial, or missing return address will be returned to the post office.  For more information on TextBehind, see this informational brochure or visit their website at www.textbehind.com.
Some mail may be refused if deemed inappropriate for distribution into the institution. For more information, please refer to page 8 of the Inmate Handbook. In addition, please do not send: envelopes, stamps, copy paper, writing paper, clothing, undergarments, sneakers, cash or personal checks; all of these items are considered contraband if received through the mail system.
Legal Mail, Books & Magazines
All books, newspapers, and magazines must be sent directly from the publisher or a bookstore. If items are not received directly from the publisher or bookstore, they will be returned to the sender.  Books, magazines, newspapers, and legal mail from governmental agencies or law firms should be addressed as follows:
Inmate Name – BCJS#_______
Berks County Jail System
1287 County Welfare Road
Leesport, PA 19533 

Mission Statement:

The Berks County Jail System is intended to establish a secure institutional environment that serves to provide protection and safety for the citizens, staff and the legally incarcerated of Berks County, while meeting the standards established for this purpose by the American Correctional Association and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

This will be accomplished through the use of a cost-effective organization and procedures that provide for security, social restoration and (re)habilitation in the jail environment.

Objective Statements:

The following objectives have been established to accomplish the mission, within the budgetary and staffing constraints imposed on the facility:

Protection of Life and Property: To provide reasonable and cost effective service that contributes to the preservation of life, the protection of property and the safety of the community.

Maintenance of Public Order: To maintain peace and public order in the context of a secure and well regulated detention environment. To assist during times of natural or man made disaster.

Deterrence, Detection, and Investigation of Criminal Activity: To reasonably deter crime through aggressive supervision of inmates, and the establishment and maintenance of procedures, timetables and guidelines. To vigorously and effectively investigate crime in the facility and take corrective action that discourages recurrences of unacceptable behavior.

Compliance with Ethical Standards and Professionalism: To encourage and support integrity and adherence to the professional standards of the facility by investigating complaints against staff. To provide for the training needs of all employees and promote a high degree of proficiency.

Social Restoration: To provide educational, counseling, and vocational services in coordination with county, and community agencies that are designed to diminish recidivism promote (re)habilitation, instill personal responsibility, and foster successful community reintegration.

Contact Information
Berks County Jail System
1287 County Welfare Road
Leesport, PA 19533
Phone: 610-208-4800 - extensions

Janine L. Quigley, Warden


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