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Data Driven Justice

 Stepping Up Initiative


In an effort to reduce the number of people with mental illness in our jail, Berks County is focusing on the six Stepping Up questions to evaluate the complex issues related to improving effective access to treatment for our mentally ill residents.  Our goal is to use our available resources as effectively as possible to ensure treatment rather than incarceration while maintaining public safety and tracking our progress.


 Data Driven Justice


‚ÄčOur goals will the Data Driven Justice Initiative are to gather the data necessary to access, quantify and articulate the service deliver and consumption of behavioral health, emergency medical services and criminal justice services currently used in Berks County.  Once we establish a baseline we can then identify measures of success and related costs for each component of emergency medical services, behavioral health and criminal justice services to improve treatment and reduce Jail time for our mental health consumers. 


 Program Objectives

Advance six program objectives:
  • Secure committed team leadership.
  • Ensure implementation of timely screening and assessments.
  • Obtain baseline data.
  • Complete a comprehensive process analysis and inventory of services.
  • Prioritize policy, practice and funding improvements.
  • Identify strategies to track and evaluate progress.