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Adoption - A Permanent Option

adoptionWhen foster children are unable to be returned to their birth families, the court may order that parental rights be terminated and the child should be placed for adoption.

Adoption is the legal transfer of all parental rights and obligations from the agency to another person or couple. Parental rights of birth parents are terminated and they retain no rights or obligations. Adoptive parents alone are in charge of making decisions about their child.

Berks County Children and Youth Services provide adoption services to children in the agency’s custody. While the agency reports to the court and cares for the child, we do not prepare individuals or couples for the adoptive process. In the Berks County area, there are a number of agencies that specialize in this procedure. The agencies can be found at http://www.adoptpakids.org/

Or call: 1-800-585-SWAN for the State Wide Adoption Network

: 1-800-227-0225 for the PA Adoption Exchange