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Berks Heim Sale Information Portal
Information Portal for the proposed sale of Berks Heim Nursing and Rehabilitation
The Berks County Board of Commissioners, in a continuing effort to further provide the public additional information with respect to the now-discontinued proposal to sell the Berks Heim, wants the public to see what the Commissioners saw in their decision-making process.
The General Assembly explicitly chose to exempt records that reflect “predecisional” discussions in enacting the Right-to-Know Law statute, and the County has previously voluntarily shared numerous documents and other information to individual citizens, members of the media and others throughout this process despite this statutory exemption.
Now that a decision has been reached, the Commissioners strongly believe that the public has a right to scrutinize, review and evaluate the documents the Commissioners saw and are pleased to share this webpage with links to these documents.
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March 9, 2017 Berks Heim Adopted Budget Forecast (Note: this forecast was accurate at the time it was presented and assumed annual MA rate increases)
August 24, 2017 Berks Heim 5 Year Forecast (Note: this forecast was accurate at the time it was presented. This forecast assumes that there would be no MA increases until 2022)
List of 237 potential bidders that received the initial communications
July 18, 2018 Preliminary Bids Summary (please see notes below)
  • The redactions made to this document were at the request of the bidders;
  • The Guardian Foundation wishes to clarify that:
    • it was incorporated in 1989 in Pennsylvania;
    • it does not presently have any facilities in Georgia;
    • it has eight skilled nursing facilities that are owned and/or operated by affiliates of the Foundation, five of which are in Pennsylvania.
    • it has more than 25 other facilities in other states that are not skilled nursing.
Memorandum of Agreement between the County, SEIU and UFCW