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Online Public Meetings Information

Dates, times, and access to public meetings set forth herein are subject to change throughout the year, and if changed, will be posted on the County Public Meeting Calendar.

Participation and remote access to Commissioners' public meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams Live, and public comments will be submitted on the Q&A feature of the Live meeting.  A link to each meeting's Microsoft Teams Live event will be posted to the County's website along with the agenda.  These meetings include:  Berks County Operations Meetings, Commissioners Board Meetings, and Phase 3 Recovery & Beyond meetings.

Participation and remote access to other public meetings will be held through Microsoft Teams Live, GoToMeetings, or other tools.


 Online Meeting Schedule

  • 08/11/2020
    • Berks County Operations Meeting -- (Commissioners)
      09:30 AM
      Online meeting

      ​Click to join meeting: Link to ​meeting

      Click for agenda: Agenda

  • 08/12/2020
    • Planning Commission Meeting -- (911/Comm Center)
      03:00 PM
      Please use https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3WF3_Zn83aA_gmR_dPOdUw, the County of Berks YouTube Channel to see the meeting and comment. If you Subscribe to the channel you will receive a notification when Live events are occurring.
  • 08/13/2020
    • Commissioners Board Meeting -- (Commissioners)
      10:00 AM
      Online, Facebook, YouTube, and BCTV

      ​Click to join meeting: Link to meeting