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Welcome to the Controller's Office


The Controller's Office is accepting messages electronically at sgraffius@countyofberks.com or call 610-478-6150 ext. 7 and leave a message if there is no answer.

Access to the Office of Controller will be on a limited basis and appointments are encouraged.  If the length of stay exceeds 15 minutes, guests are required to log-in and log-out.  Plan accordingly.

Sandra Graffius, Controller
Mission Statement: It is the goal of the Office of the Controller to strive to provide financial information on a timely basis, to continually improve the pre- and post-audit functions, to better use technology to increase productivity, to work collaboratively to improve County operating efficiencies, and to improve internal controls throughout County operations.
About the Controller: The Controller supervises the fiscal affairs of the County. The office scrutinizes, audits and decides on all bills, claims, and demands whatsoever against the County; draws and certifies vouchers for all bills, claims, and demands against the County that meet the Controller's approval. The Controller's office also keeps registers of all vouchers drawn upon the County and a copy of each voucher. This department also has custody of all deeds, contracts, bonds, books, documents, and papers relating to the County's financial affairs. The department keeps a full and regular set of books of all the fiscal operations of the County; prescribes the form and manner of keeping the books and papers used by each of the officers of the County in connection with the fiscal affairs of the County. Other duties include classifying all financial transactions of the County; reporting on the financial conditions of the County; audits, settling and adjusting the accounts of all county officers; and auditing the minor judiciary, tax collectors, and miscellaneous accounts.
Contact Information
Berks County Controller
Berks County Services Center 12th Floor
633 Court Street
Reading, PA 19601
Phone: 610-478-6150
FAX: 610-478-6890
Sandra Graffius
Office Officials
Sandra M. Graffius, Controller
Angela R. Frantz,
Administrative Assistant
Grazyna Nykiel, CGFM, CICA, Chief Deputy
Andrew Noll, CGFM, CFE Manager of Financial Reporting and Accounting
Mary Stelmach, CPA, Team Lead
John C. Auman, Internal Audit, Mgr., Project Mgr